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Helpful Kitchen Brick A Bracs

Any cooking connoisseur would agree that the tools that quintessentially make a good kitchen are not only your typical pots and pans but there are necessarily a lot of small knick-knacks and gadgets that work behind the scenes. These thingamajigs may seem of no consequence to some but they do have their purpose. They not only purposely make things easier and more convenient; they have been proven to cut your meal preparation time.

Apple corer/peeler

Almost everyone loves apples. People's fondness for this fruit has commenced as early as the world begun with Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. Albeit the freshness and juiciness of this well beloved fruit, some prefer not to munch on its peel or chomp on its core. This is where apple corers and peelers come into the picture. These gadgets aim to remove the apple's core as well as its seeds. And no more using the knife for peeling, the peeler does the job with more ease. Peelers allow you to get rid of more peel and less fruit, so you'll get to enjoy your skinless apple more. Making apple pie would be a breeze with the use of these gadgets.

Egg or pancake rings

If you are set in making those perfect circled pancakes or sunny-side up eggs then these tools could be for you. Place in the pan, pour in your mixture and viola, you get the perfectly shaped pancakes that you hoped for. These rings can come in various designs. You can go creative and go for hearts on Valentines or go starry during the Christmas holidays.

Egg timers

Some people do not get the knack of making a perfectly boiled egg. No fret, get a timer. There is nothing more helpful than a timer and a ding to tell you that "hey, I'm all done!"


Let us admit we all get clumsy at one time or the other. But when you are in the kitchen, it is always best to keep this klutziness in check especially when you are pouring and transferring liquids from containers. With the aid of a funnel, there are sure to be less spills and less stains on your apron.

Can Openers

In opening packages, some of us forego scissors and use our good old dependable teeth. Not very neat but it does work. But do not think this can apply to your can of tuna or sardines. You might be seeing yourself on the dentist chair the next day. Can openers were principally made for this purpose so don't wear yourself out.


To make that special spaghetti cheese topping, most cooks do not take the time slicing and cutting cheese. What they do is pick a grater and get the job done in minutes. These graters are not only good for cheese but they can work to give you a great bowl of crushed bread crumbs for your dessert recipe.

Egg beater

A lot of recipes include egg as an ingredient and in most, this involves beating an egg. A fork is usually used for beating but for most cooks the result does not give the same fluffiness and consistency that is achieved when using a beater.

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James Brown

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