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Looking Into Mexican Food History

Historically, Mexican food is one of the most loved cuisines amongst American eaters all over the U.S. and has spread to other countries as well. Of course, depending on the amount of �heat� or fats in a particular Mexican dish, it may cause a problem for some of the more delicate digestive tracts. And that brings us to the point of healthy eating and Mexican food.

The problem with most Mexican foods that you find north of the border is that they have been infused with too much fat and added calories. Some restaurants have turned their recipes into monstrous super sized meals with enough food to feed an entire family in each individual serving. If you look back into Mexican food history and travel into different regions of Mexico, you will find that Mexican food, cooked in most local restaurants and casas, are actually prepared with healthy ingredients.

Most Mexican food that is made in Mexico is rich in fresh vegetables. They are very healthy because these vegetables and other fresh ingredients impart vitamins and proteins into the food. It is also flavored with real spices which can also be healthy as some spices contain antioxidants. Real spices give you real flavor that is natural and therefore better for you.

Now it is certainly possible to eat that healthy Mexican food here in the States if you know how to prepare the dishes yourself and you use healthy ingredients. There may be a store near you where fresh ingredients can be easily found and purchased, that are rich in the vitamins and devoid of the items that are detrimental to good health.

Some "American" versions of true Mexican dishes will often times bear little resemblance in looks or flavor to the dish it represents. The problem is that the American dining public has gotten used to these �Americanized� recipes and super-sized portions with fat-infused ingredients. As Americans we have come to think of the fat, or �lard�, as adding additional flavor. We, the consumer, are to blame for that. The restaurants are only giving us what we order most and seem enjoy.

If you examine the history of Mexican food you will find that their recipes have been handed down from family to family for generations. Individual families have worked out the best combinations of fresh spices and other fresh ingredients to make food taste good. What they have found is that freshly prepared food, using freshly harvested items produces a rich tasting and healthy meal.

These recipes with all natural and fresh ingredients, never frozen, have graced the Mexican people�s tables for centuries. It is a food that can be served as a weeknight meal or at a special occasion. Secret family recipes or popular dishes are often requested at graduations, weddings, or anniversaries. Even when celebrating we should strive to serve food that is both healthy and �muy deliciouso.� We should revel in the healthy choices that the Mexican people have been serving for centuries and adapt them to our ways of life. Admittedly, some recipes can take several hours or days to prepare. But many have been adapted to our �fast-food� mentality, and have been revised to be able to prepare a great and healthy Mexican meal in under an hour.

Submitted by:

David Swanson

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