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Art and Poetry Even in Your Bar Chairs - Articles Surfing

When you are designing that great bar or lounge you want to set up, the last thing it should ever be is boring. After all, the reason anyone would want to hang out in your bar or lounge, whether its a public place or your private little hideaway just for friends, is because its a fun place to be. And besides serving drinks, not only do you want the people who come to the bar to be interesting and fun, every aspect of the place should be uplifting, interesting and inspire relaxation and friendship between the people gathering there.

Its easy enough to get some help to create an interesting interior design that involves the wallpaper, the ceiling fans, the paintings on the wall and other amusing things that you might keep around the bar to get the conversation flowing with your guests. But why would you want to stop looking for interesting and thought provoking interior decorating ideas at just those things? The truth is that even the bar chairs and other furniture can become as much a part of the fun and creativity of your bar life as any other part of your decorations.

You don't have to look very far when you are researching chair designs to realize that the history of furniture design has had a rich legacy in the world of art. A visit to any fine art museum will be an eye opening experience because you can see that some of the truly great artists throughout history also expressed their creativity in furniture design. And the variety of designs that reflect the artistic ideas that dominated each period of art history also come out in the design of the chairs interior decorators liked to use in lounges and bars of their time.

Taking that tour of artistic history, particularly just before you start shopping for the furniture for your bar or lounge is an instructional step. By getting inspired how you can integrate wonderfully creative designs into your bar based on what has been done with furniture in lounges over history, that inspiration will make you want to do something interesting, unusual and maybe even artistic when you buy the furniture for patrons or guest to enjoy. In fact, one great way to approach not only the chair design but to fit what you buy in furniture for your bar to fit in perfectly is to go with a historic motif.

There are many furniture manufacturers who can provide you with period styles for your bar chairs that will help create an old time feel for your place. You can go with a french revolution style, an early American style that might create the feel of the TV show Cheers that is suggestive of a bar in Boston during the revolution. Or you can go with something very pop art or modernistic, even creating a futuristic feel like something out of 2001 A Space Odyssey. If you allow great eras and even pictures or movies of that era to inspire you, you won't have to look very closely to notice how distinctive and artistic the chairs of each era is and get inspired to find great furniture for a great new bar or lounge.

This is not to say that artists of our era are not branching out into furniture design as well. So as you are browsing art sites for inspiration for great chair ideas for your bar, don't overlook modern art sites as well. Of course, seeing all the wildly creative things there may not take you in that direction. But it can open your mind to what can be done. You might see anything from a full portrait painted on the structure of a chair, to chairs of such wild designs, one wonders how to go about even sitting on them.

But you don't have to go with designs so bizarre that they dominate the room. There are other ways to make your chairs fun and creative and even give yourself lots of flexibility over time to make changes. Buying bar chairs that are meant to be covered means you can find new creative covers that can change the look of your lounge in a snap and for very little cost. And if the chairs are lush and large so you can add throw pillows and decorative blankets across the back, that would open up a world of colors and designs for you to play with anytime the look and feel of your lounge got a bit boring to you.

The materials you pick as the basic construction of your bar stools and chairs will have a big effect on the atmosphere in your place. Its really amazing to see how certain decors inspire your crowd to behave in different ways and may actually change what people drink and the kind of crowd you bring to your bar. For example, wood bar stools not only have a antique feel to them but they blend in with the wood of the bar and the room and create a quiet, reflective and cozy feel. This kind of decor very easily inspires romance so you may find your bar becoming the location of choice for young lovers, just because you made some sophisticated choices of decorating and furniture.

But don't limit yourself to just what can be had in catalogs or on Internet furniture sites. You can be the source of some real creativity in what the bar chairs and furniture look like in your own place. If you have a flair for art and creating inspirational pieces, you can start with unfinished furniture and plan your bar furniture from the ground up. You can use your tour of museums and antique stores and even modern art sites on the internet for inspiration. And whether you just refinish the chairs to look elegant and warm or you go with some creative patterns and colors, the chairs in your place will be all about you and you will have lots of stories to tell when people get interested in the very unique things you have to show in your bar.

The important thing is that in every step of the way as you plan the motif, the layout and the furniture of your bar is to have fun with it. If you look at what you have lined up for the chairs for your customers and they leave you cold and uninspired, go back and start over because it if isn't fun to you, it wont be fun for your guests or visitors to your bar. And by using that measure, the "is it fun to me" measure, the final decision you make for the furniture for your lounge will be just right and one you and your guests will be happy with for a lounge time to come.

Submitted by:

Tony Nibbinsworth

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