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Bistro Furniture: 7 Things You Never Knew About Bistro Furniture - Articles Surfing

So you think you know everything about Bistro furniture? Are you a proud bistro owner and you can bet your life on the challenge of a bistro trivia? Did you know that bistro furniture is one of the most flexible products available on market? Here are 7 random facts you never knew about bistro furniture.

1. Materials

Materials are what make furniture as a whole. Materials ranges from basic such as: metal, wood, and plastic, to secondary materials such as: polyester, wool, etc for the cushioning. While many think there's not much left to discuss when it comes to materials, did you know that different materials convey different messages about your bistro and management?

No way? Let us think of the example of metal. What does metal convey? Metal furniture conveys professional, strict managers, and a formal atmosphere. Plastic, on the other hand, conveys a friendly, teenage, juvenile atmosphere, lenient supervision, and budget friendly meals. Wood, is the king of sophistication, customers expect a good meal at a higher rate with wood furniture.

Another interesting fact is related to how different materials adapt to the energy of the area. If you don't believe in energy, you should think twice, since recent marketing studies have showed a strong link between furniture material, layout, and design to the number of customers you have. This ancient concept relies on Feng Shui, an old Chinese tradition dealing with the elements of nature and their effect on humans.

Feng Shui is nowadays a specialized branch of design consultation, so you can easily hire a specialist to fix up your bistro for maximum profit.

2. Design

Design is yet another common concept that most people think they've got all figured out. Design is not just about buying random furniture and putting it in a certain arrangement in your bistro and that is exactly why many bistros fail to impress more sophisticated critics.

One random fact that most people don't know about design is that design detail is proportional to the number of customers that you can possibly gain. Given a fixed environment linked by a certain lifestyle, you'll notice that the more detail you have in your bistro the more customers you'll have - mostly art aficionados and business men. While in other areas, you'll notice that simple design attracts more people, and this is true for most industrial crowds.

One fact that stares at you right in the face, yet no one makes use of it is that bistro furniture is very flexible design wise. Any slight change in arrangement or customization can make all the difference to the customer's eye. If you add some bumper stickers to your tables, you'll see that you'll start attracting a younger crowd, while elegant flower vases will bring in an older crowd.

3. Size

So you know that the table fits in the bistro and that the movers had no trouble bringing it in. You'll most probably give yourself a pat on the back, and say you know everything about furniture size. Wait a second! Did you know that furniture size creates a fantastic space illusion?

Different sizes can make your bistro look roomier or more cluttered. This fact is utilized by most top notch designers.

Another useful fact that professional designers utilize is that size gives your customers can vary your customers mood. An experiment was once done by a German designer to see how different sizes and shapes make customers react overtime proved this fact and has been put into action ever since. Not only does it affect their mood, but also their orders. When your customers are seated in large, comfy seats, you'll notice that they'll place a larger order. While those seated on small seats will opt for simple stuff like salad and grilled meat. So pick your furniture sizes wisely!

4. Height

If you're one of those that think that furniture's height does not affect your bistro, then you'll most probably be shocked to know that certain furniture heights can encourage or discourage your customers from visiting. Different heights contribute to how your crowd rates your bistro for two reasons: people love comfort and people hate to be embarrassed in public.

You should bear those two reasons in mind when buying your bistro furniture since it will pay off later on. To determine which height is suitable, observe your crowd and calculate the average height of your customers. If all your customers are of average height, don't go for those high stools. There's nothing more embarrassing than trying to get on a stool over and over.

Another height fact is related to the image of your bistro. Did you know that high furniture gives your bistro a sophisticated image? Many people will feel intimidated by high furniture, but it will most certainly attract the cr*me de la cr*me to your bistro.

5. Colors

Color facts are a dime a dozen on the internet, but did you know that colors are you number one branding tools? From a marketer's perspective, the moment your customers refer to a certain color as "X Bistro's colors" then you're definitely on the right track. Let's think of common brands such as Coca Cola, what colors come to mind? How about Pepsi? McDonalds? You'll scream yellow, while you'll go for crimson and green for Pizza Hut. Colors are branding tools, so make sure you pick colors that one can describe, since people rarely use the word "azure" while many can say "Hey, its lime green."

Not only do colors affect branding, but also can affect your bistro's theme. Colors convey modern, retro, or even vintage. Go for colors that suit your bistro's theme or you'll find your customers unable to identify with your brand and image.

6. Accessories

What do you know about accessories? You've probably heard of personal accessories. How about furniture accessories? Of course you heard of them, since most designers on TV talk about them, but did you know you can easily accessorize your furniture without the need for complex procedures?

Accessorizing your furniture can be very simple, no manual, and no expensive labor. All you need is to be creative and find the nearest materials superstore near you to buy what you need at a discount rate.

You can accessorize your furniture with a cheap printer attached to your laptop or desktop. You can paint whatever you need, print it, and add it under the glass of your tables or on the windows. Once you have the idea, accessorizing can be one of the simplest things to do for your bistro's success.

7. Rent

Did you know that you can rent furniture? Most people don't know that you can rent furniture from specialized vendors for some time. Let's say you want a certain theme for some time, but you don't want to purchase those SCI-FI egg chairs. How will you do it? Why rent of course! When dealing with your supplier, he can easily direct you to renting vendors that give you all you need for a monthly fee.

Another option is to swap furniture with your fellow bistro owners for theme makeovers or certain events or functions. Many bistro owners will like the idea and even welcome future deals. A common swapping contract is limited to keeping the furniture intact; there are no fees or monthly rent. So you can easily transform your bistro at the blink of an eye. All you have to do is to approach the desired bistro owner with a smile on your face and friendly attitude; you'll be surprised when your offer is met with open arms.

Submitted by:

Tony Nibbinsworth

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