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The Luggage Advantage

Luggage is not only a structure within which most travelers place their belongings to keep them handy and safe during a long trip, it is also a character in author Terry Pratchett�s Discworld series of books. The Luggage is an unusual piece of luggage that has been around for hundreds of years. It is a vicious and has been associated with many other characters in Discworld, often attached itself to one person in a master/dog type relationship. The Luggage is the most animated luggage in the world, can carry anything from any time in any shape or size and behaves like a guard-dog when provoked.

Its appearance initially is that of an old fashioned steamer trunk. On closer inspection the looker will find that although The Luggage is, in fact, made of wood that is where the similarities to traditional luggage end abruptly. In addition to its wooden exterior, The Luggage and lots of little legs, which it uses to move to one place or another. This movement usually occurs very quickly. The Luggage also has enormous sharp teeth. It can fit enormous amount of detritus inside itself and can do laundry inside the confines of its own trunk if it feels so inclined.

The specific wood of The Luggage is pearwood, which is a magical wood and explains the magical nature of The Luggage itself. The Luggage, as mentioned previously, has guard-dog like sensibilities when it comes to its owner. The Luggage picks its owner and is so fiercely protective and loyal. Any sudden or angry movement will be interpreted as an offensive strike and The Luggage will react accordingly. The Luggage has been known to devour all manner of enemies including monsters. The Luggage is able to travel in between time dimensions and will follow its owner anywhere, even to areas of time and space that do not technically exist. Unlike other Discworld characters, who can talk, The Luggage does not have a typical form of communication and speaks mostly through its actions. The two owners of The Luggage were TwoFlower and Rhincewind, both wizards in Discworld. Later in the series The Luggage meet a female Luggage and breeds while under the ownership of Rhincewind.

Terry Pratchett says that the idea for The Luggage came to him as he watched an American tourist struggle with a piece of luggage with too many wheels that seemed to have a mind of its own.

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Lanny Hintz

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