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8 Reasons Why You Know You�re Ready For A Career Change

8 Reasons Why You Know You�re Ready For A Career Change

1. Every morning you wake up thinking, �Just X more days until the week-end.�

2. On the way to work you have to �psyche� yourself into wanting to go to work.

3. Once you get to work, you begin to feel pressured and squeezed for time and you haven�t even clocked in yet.

4. As you begin to perform your tasks, your mind wanders, wondering if there�s something better, more exciting, or more fulfilling out there.

5. When you leave work, you�re already telling yourself the reasons why you must return tomorrow.

6. When you arrive home and your spouse asks, �How was your day?� You grunt and say, �Same old stuff. Let�s talk about something else.�

7. Friday�s paycheck arrives and as you read the dollar amount you instantly think, �This job is so not worth this!�

8. As you begin to pay your bills, you discover that once again you�re robbing Peter to pay Paul, which in terms causes a bit of depression and you �snap� on the closest person to you, even though there�s no reason to do so.

Yes, those are all true scenarios for people who desperately need to change careers. But change doesn�t come easy. In fact, it�s pretty darn hard. It means stepping out of one�s comfort zone, learning a new task, and asking your spouse to trust your decision. But it�s not impossible.

The best way to handle a career change is to take your time. In other words, don�t quit your day job as soon as you realize it�s making you miserable; after all, you need that paycheck!

Take a step back to figure out why you�re unhappy, and then take the steps necessary to figure out what would make you happy.

Once you know what will make you happy, take inventory of your skills, talents, and education. Can you start a new career doing what you love with what you currently possess or must you return to school?

If you must return to school, don�t go with the first school that comes to mind; take the time to meet with an administrations counselor to learn more about the school, payment options, and job placement programs.

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