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Can You Get A Bachelor Degree Online At A University? - Articles Surfing

There are lots of reasons why you might want to get your education without actually setting foot on campus. And now, there are many ways you can do this. If you want to get your bachelor degree online at a university, it takes lots of discipline and determination, but it is convenient and you can do it without moving or having to quit your job.

What Should You Look For In A Program?

There are lots of options for studying on the internet. Most major colleges offer web courses and degrees. There are also institutions and companies that offer degrees on the internet only. It depends on what suits you. You also must keep in mind what employers in your field are looking for. But, how can you tell if this is the real deal or not? Here are some tips that can help you when you are trying to decide what's right for you.

No matter what kind of program you are interested in, you have to make sure it's accredited. This means that it is recognized as being a 'real' educational institution by an official organization. There are six such organizations given the authority by the US Department of Education to offer accreditation. It basically means that the institution meets certain standards of educational quality. If you go to a school that is not accredited, the degree you get may be worthless to employers, so it is important to make sure.

What Degree Program Should I Pick?

One good way to decide what major is best for you is to look at the course catalog and check out the required classes for the major. Do they sound interesting? Is that what you want to study? This will help you determine if that's what you want to do or not.

Another way to decide if a certain program is for your or not, is to look at the faculty. What kind of experience do they have? And what qualifications? Usually, the more PhD's you see, the better. Also, find out where they went to school. Where are their degrees from? A real school has faculty from all over the place, who have graduated from many different schools. If they all graduated from this school, that should tell you right there that this is a scam. Look for real qualifications!

Where the students go after they graduate is also an indication of the quality of the education. Look to see what professional organizations are connected to the school. This will help you when you get out in the real world. Contact someone from the school and talk to them about your educational and professional plans, and see what they have to say. A live person can answer your questions about a particular degree program better than a website or schedule of classes can. After you have consulted someone, see if the program suits your long-term goals or not. Try to find the one that suits you the best. Look at where the school's graduates go and ask yourself, is that where I want to be? It is important to keep looking ahead and thinking about how the education you get now will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Here's another thing to keep in mind: if the school accepts everyone who applies, that might be a bad sign. Real schools have entrance requirements that must be met by prospective students.

How Is Studying On The Internet Different?

It may seem obvious, but before getting into a degree program using the internet, make sure that you have a fast, reliable internet connection. Make sure that your computer can handle all the heavy use it's going to get. If you get into the program and start having computer trouble, that will cause big problems. You will spend a lot of time on the web. Most assignments will be there on the internet and you will have to download and upload them. Instead of classroom discussions, you will be communicating through a thread in a forum. In most classes you will be required to log in a certain number of times each week and make contributions to these forums.

Find out from each prospective school what type of support for students is available. Make sure that you are able to communicate with your professors. You will be doing most of the work yourself, but teachers must be accessible. And, can you communicate with the other students in the class? This kind of interaction is an important part of your education, so you have to keep the lines of communication open. Taking a course on the web means that you will have to spend lots of time with a good, reliable computer.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay?

One of the advantages of taking a class like this is that you don't have to pick up and move somewhere. That saves you lots of money on your education. However, if you take a course through a recognized school, you will still be paying tuition and fees. No matter how you do it, education is not cheap. But, doing it that way, you will cut down on your relocation and living expenses, which will help. Even for these kinds of classes, financial aid may be available.

Actually, classes taken over the web often have slightly higher tuition than traditional classes taken on campus. So, you might actually end up paying more. Still, the benefits may outweigh the costs for you. These programs are ideally suited for adult workers. They are designed for working adults, so there is a lot of flexibility. It might be the right choice for you.

Submitted by:

Nic Haffner

Nic Haffner is a writer and internet publisher who likes to write about elearning and educational issues in general. You can read more at his e-learning news and in depth information website http://www.1-elearning.com



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