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The Most IMPORTANT Step Towards Better Grades

Have you ask yourself this question --> Why are my results in school so bad?

Do you think it is due to external factors such as watching too much tv, not consistently putting enough hard work into your studies, playing too much computer games etc? If you think those are the reasons why you had such lousy grades, then it has a simple solution. Just put in at least 2 hours a day to revise your homework or tutorial. You should be able to see vast improvements in your grades in your next report card. Simple as that. Full stop.

OR do you think that it is due to INTERNAL factors like telling yourself -->
"I am not good enough"
"I am not smart"
"I am weak acadamically"
"Maths are just too tough for me"
"Those foreign students are really smart, I can't compete with them"
"I am a slow learner"
"I will never get A or B grades"

If you have any of the above mentioned thoughts, then this is what I call an internal factor. And internal factors are the MOST IMPORTANT reason why you can't ace in your studies. Any negative thoughts that you have will be planted in your subconscious mind. If you keep telling yourself that you are just not good enough, your subconscious mind will be having the same "thinking" as you. Your thoughts will be absorbed by your subconscious mind, in return it will be transformed into reality --> your grades will be bad because you keep telling yourself you are no good and this thought has become a reality. Do not underestimate your subconscious mind, it can do a lot of good if used properly and can be equally devastating if you implant it will negative thoughts.

So the FIRST and the MOST BASIC step to achieve better grades in school will be your MINDSET. Tell yourself these instead:
"I am good in studies!"
"I am clever!"
"My subjects are all very interesting and challenging!"
"I am as smart as those foreign students, if not cleverer!"
"I am a fast learner!"
"I will get A next semester!"

All these positive thoughts will then be absorbed into your subconscious mind. Only then will become a reality that your grades will improve. I must stress that your thinking and mindset is the no. 1 priority that must be changed in order for you to get massive improvements. If this cannot be done, no matter what tips or online resources or any guidance that I share with you, in the end, your results will still remains the same or standstill. I shall talk more about the subconscious mind in my next entry. I am just giving you an introduction in today's entry.

Before I end --> I stress that your MINDSET is a very IMPORTANT attribute that will lead you to getting a better grade.

Submitted by:

Alex Yeo

Alex Yeo

Get my online study tips and resources at http://improveyourgrades.blogspot.com. I am here to share with my experiences and if you think you need to improve your grades without hiring a tutor, vist my site.


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