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5 Lies You Learned In School That Are Holding You Back - Articles Surfing

In the 25 years since graduating from high school, I've come to the conclusion that many of the lessons I was taught in school haven't helped me succeed in my life or career. And I'm not alone. These damaging lies cost people friendships and fulfilling relationships, rob them of joy, and provoke feelings of jealousy and meanness. But once you can identify the lessons, you can let go of the old baggage and take off the brakes that have been holding you back.

Lie #1 ' Your DNA Determines Your Intelligence

Schools like to label kids. Early on they're observed, tested and pegged as smart, average or needing special assistance. The truth is, a lot of intelligence and capabilities are never realized because the senses aren't as sharp and precise as they could be and the nervous system isn't processing information effectively.

Various exercises can improve the flow of information through the nervous system and unblock the brain. That allows more information to get in and improves focus as well as mental and emotional clarity. In reality, there are no limits to growing your intelligence.

Lie #2 ' Logic and IQ Are Most Important

School teaches us to read, write, do math and have an understanding of science. But does it train us in interacting with other people? Does it teach us how to find our way back home without a map when we get lost? Does it support and bring out each student's uniqueness and exceptional qualities?

The ability to influence others to be their best is one of the most important skills to have. And it can be developed just as well as logical thinking. Our school system caters to a very limited intelligence and if your brain doesn't work the way the school system requires, you can wind up feel inadequate, lacking, or somewhere deep down in your heart, stupid.

Lie #3 ' You Need to Sit Still

Movement is essential for the brain to integrate new information. The brain only develops new neuro-pathways effectively if there is a certain amount of movement involved with learning. Yet, one of the first things we learn in school is to sit quietly in our seats. The human body always moves ' internally and externally: Even at night we turn around during our sleep dozens of times. The huge impact of physical movement for learning and brain development has been under-estimated for too long. Sitting still is torture for the nervous system because it slows down learning and development. Successful entrepreneurs and self-made millionaires rarely sit for long periods of time.

Lie #4 ' Don't Show Your Feelings

Studies have shown that the best way to learn is when a feeling is involved. Look back over your life and find the moments you remember most. They're often moments that greatly impacted what you felt. So why does our school system teach the lesson that feelings and emotions get in the way of effective learning?

You can learn a theory in physics and while the theory remains the same for everyone, each person will feel something different about it. The ability to share these feelings helps develop maturity and respect. It's the foundation for innovation and invention. Not being able to express feelings dumbs you down as an individual. It dumbs down your innate creative abilities.

Lie #5 ' Everyone Needs to Be Treated the Same

Teachers are educated to treat every student the same. But people aren't the same. When teachers treat all students alike, lessons become too slow for the gifted, too fast and overwhelming for the slow and thorough learner, too visual for auditory learners and too auditory for the interactive learning style. The result? Everyone is bored at one time or another.

On a biological level nothing seems to be more obvious than our individual uniqueness. We all have our own fingerprints, blood types and DNA. So it is with each person's innate combination of talent, communication style and personal preference. Sadly, the education system hasn't realized the limitation of treating every student the same and continues to churn out people who forget they're unique and valuable individuals with powerful capabilities and the potential to make a difference.

Don't fool yourself--our school system and society teach these beliefs every day. If you can't immediately identify with them it doesn't mean you don't have them. It might simply mean that you've gotten so used to them that you confuse them as being you. But--believe me--these beliefs don't reflect the natural genius you truly are. They are programs you learned when growing up that now limit your birth right of genius. It's time to let them go!

Submitted by:

Susanna Lange

Are you living your genius? Take a free self-evaluation at http://www.geniuscoaching.net/RateYourGenius.htm. A certified learning consultant and coach, Susanna Lange co-developed Genius Coaching, which helps children, adults, and business leaders discover and maximize their special talents and strengths.



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