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A Different Language Is A Different Vision Of Life - Articles Surfing

Learning a language is akin to acquiring some kind of code with tangled ciphers and intricate symbols, which seems to be beyond perception and comprehension of a learner. Indeed, language is a well-arranged system, which needs a deep scrutiny and a thorough deciphering.

Starting a journey into the world of language learning involves plunging into a new language environment. English learning implies to get into a diversity of new activities, it is adapting of an ear to a plethora of unfamiliar sounds, foreign pronunciation and mastering of huge amounts of new vocabulary. One who learns English will confront with a great variety of grammar rules and exceptions, difficult to imitate pronunciation, a problem of understanding the theory of grammar, training and polishing of acquired theory in practice. In a word, English learning is a complicated and multistage process, which requires much efforts, long periods of time, inexhaustible patience, and perseverance.

I don't intend to nip in the bud an eager desire of a neophyte to master a language by starting with a complexity of English learning. However, every learner should be aware that there is no magic powder, which will make him know English as a native speaker does.

A person who is going to master English should forget about short cuts to success, making vain endeavor to cram this language into his brain in several months. English learning is an assiduous and laborious process. Heaps of hard work stands behind its mastering and results which a learner attains in studying English is a direct repercussion of his diligence and work.

A common difficulty, which awaits every English language learner, is applying of four different types of activities: listening, speaking, writing, and reading into the patterns of a new language practically simultaneously.

Undoubtedly, a way to perfect English mastery is a thorny path, where a learner can confront with an abundance of challenges. The main thing is not to give in, soothing yourself with the idea that you are not a language learning type. Every person can master a language up to his specific standard and attain his definite results in language learning.

What is English learning all about?

When you start learning English, you acquire a new mode of life. You start doing crazy things, like speaking to yourself aloud, spending your evening reading a dictionary, hunting for interesting phrases with the purpose of accumulating your vocabulary, trying to recollect them all at once or jotting them down in your diary not to forget. It is an exciting feeling of a new start and of future perspectives, a good command of English opens before you.

By setting out on a journey to new and exciting achievements, a learner has to distinguish what ways will be better to choose for reaching his goal relatively quickly and efficiently.

Linguists and methodologists described many efficient strategies of English language learning. Many of them proved to be highly efficient and brought amazing results in testing.

* A starting point, which will push you up in all the course of your English studying is your motivation to learn. You should be specific about the goal of your studying and reflect on benefits a skilful mastery of English can bring you. You are aimed at getting smarter, assimilating new culture and meeting new people or your primary goal of English learning is to earn more money and succeed in your career.

* A sure-fire way to master English is to go to America or England and commute with native speakers. It means to penetrate into English environment and practice both speaking and listening. Going to English - speaking country is a great opportunity to perfect your listening skills, enrich your vocabulary with new words. What is the most important is that you are forced to speak on a daily basis and perceive colloquial speech, the samples of it you are not likely to find in any dictionaries.

* A good, safe, and cheap way to master English is to stimulate a foreign language environment in your home. It means to bring English - speaking country to your house, surrounding yourself with everything that is connected with English. Try all, which will come in hand. Read English books, see movies in English, you can hear English in radio or TV. These methods will help you learn faster and have a sense of achievement, because each time you'll understand more and more.

* Speak English as much as possible. Speaking is exciting and motivates you to keep learning. It helps you uncover the gaps in your vocabulary and grammar. Though, if you don't have an opportunity to go to English - speaking country it doesn't mean that you won't be able to speak English fluently and naturally. It only means that you'll have to exert more efforts to find English language environment in your surrounding. In any case, you can look for good English language courses or apply to the British council for help. Perhaps, my article 'How to find the best foreign language courses' can be helpful to you if you choose to attend language courses.

English learning is a great opportunity for you to unleash your inner genius. Knowing what you really want to get from your learning will zap your cherished dream to develop good English skills in a flash.

The main thing is to find a set of effective learning ways and tools which will help you boost your results and have a motivation to study. Once you are armed with a desire and winning techniques, be sure to sort out the methods that suit you and you can consider that the first step to your success in English learning has been already made. Starting on this merry note continue your way in the same spirit and yield to temptation of giving in to difficulties.

Submitted by:

Linda Correli

Linda Correli is a staff writer of http://www.CustomResearchPapers.us/ and an author of the popular online tutorial for students "What Teachers Want: Master the Art of Essay Writing in 10 Days", available at http://www.Go2Essay.com/



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