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English remains a dominant and universal language, which presently serves as a connection-link between great varieties of different nations. Now English is spoken mainly in every corner of the world. It is very convenient in terms of facilitating contacts between people from different countries.

The British council put the figure of 750 million English language speakers. The only fact that the percentage of papers published in English has gone from 65% to 85% in the last 25 years is self-explanatory and only confirms the prevalence of English in all spheres of life. The importance of English skills has been exaggerated to the extent that it overweighs practically everything in assessing person's competency.

Irrespective of controversial information that English dominance will be replaced by Chinese, Arabic or Hindi languages by 2050, which was introduced by a linguist and methodologist David Graddol, a quantity of English language learners, is increasing by leaps and bounds.

It is quite reasonable that everybody in the world should be given an opportunity to learn English in order to be able to communicate effectively at the global level. Though, this by no means always the case that English learning comes easily to people. Many English learners struggle with English to no purpose for years and cannot master it, whatever efforts they exert.

The point is that some people have inherited linguistic abilities, so called a feeling for languages and a way out for others is to learn how to learn English effectively. Most of us can succeed by dint of our diligence and perseverance. Undoubtedly, every person can become a successful English learner. The main thing is to sort out and develop a set of successful language learning techniques, which, indeed, vary from one learner to another.

T#1 Have curiosity to learn English and cognate something new, opening unexplored horizons of knowledge. Curiosity is a driving force, which will push you up in English learning. You can be inquisitive about language, culture, traditions, or even people who inhabit this country. You should always try to find a force, which will make you tick and help you advance with rapid strides. Someone calls it motivation; others name it an eager desire to learn. No matter how it is called, the main thing is that it brings lasting and positive results.

T#2 Treat realistically a combination of your goal, your potential and your time. Remember that English learning is impossible to limit within some frameworks. Because language learning has a beginning, but it does not have an exact ending, as English learning prolongs in the whole course of your life.

And if you are a beginner you definitely need some time to adapt to the process of language learning and get used to its peculiarities. You have to be realistic about your potential and don't speed up learning if you see that there are some delays in your progress. Move to your goal on your own pace. Don't skip over the blocks of material, just to attain your goal as quickly as possible. Be consistent with your English learning, go on to speaking and listening, when you feel that you've mastered reading and writing.

T#3 Develop your learning style and get to know more about English learning. Be sure to elaborate your own kit of strategies and learning methods, which are especially effective in your studying. In the course of English learning, you will develop your own study habits, which will comprise the most efficient methods for you. Bear in mind that you have to listen to your inner voice, which prompts you what method is more beneficial. Analyze how you remember the words better, how grammar structure in your brain clearer, how you perceive foreign speech easier. Some people remember the words better visualizing them, others recognize better by cramming and learning by heart.

Get to know about language learning more. Read books of prominent linguists, which share their experience with language learners and try to harness some of offered learning methods. It will surely boost the results of your learning and make you versed in language learning.

T#4 Enjoy the process of English learning. Many English learners treat the process of learning English as a duty. Primarily they are excited about the idea of speaking English fluently, thus when they engage in the process of learning they do it reluctantly and do not care about learning itself. If you love the process of learning and get pleasure out of it, you are surely reach better results faster. Love English and it will love you back.

Become a part of this mass obsession to learn English and be sure to interact with the whole world easily and understand people better!

Submitted by:

Linda Correli

Linda Correli is a staff writer of http://www.CustomResearchPapers.us/ and an author of the popular online tutorial for students "What Teachers Want: Master the Art of Essay Writing in 10 Days", available at http://www.Go2Essay.com/



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