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Shark videos are for the purpose of educating people about the basic facts of the greatest predator under the sea.

Sharks are one of the nature's greatest predator and highly intelligent species. Sharks have social hierarchy system and they also possess problem-solving skills and are curious by nature. Sharks sense of smell are keen, they spot a one part per million of blood in seawater that is miles away. Their sense of sight is well adapted for marine environment and their sense of hearing is so sharp,they can hear a prey that is mile away. They also possesses an electro receptor organs called Ampullae of Lorenzini that gives them the greatest electrical sensitivity in all of animal kingdom and help them find prey hidden in depths of sand.

Sharks are very peculiar beasts and it is no wonder people centuries over have been fascinated by them. Shark videos will give you an opportunity to learn more about these fascinating creatures of the wild. These videos will educate us about this marine specie. Many of us have mistakenly believed that sharks are significantly threat to human life. The greater number of the 370 species of sharks is harmless. Sharks can eat varieties of food.

The whale and basking sharks are the biggest species on this kind which are plankton eater and not a threat to humans. In fact, many of these bigger fast swimming sharks are true meat-eating animals and an astounding different and amount of food have been found in some of these marine creatures. These various numbers of indigestible items taken from the sharks stomachs are probably the effect of the feeding frenzy that occurs when a group of sharks arbitrarily attack anything that comes their way but when sharks uses humans for food, serious conflict arises. Acting as a scavengers as well as top carnivores, sharks are truly important in the ecology of the oceans. The reaction on shark's attacks is often not based on facts but in emotions because shark attack on human is an exceptionally rare occurrence.

There are increasing dangers from humans that these sharks and their cartilaginous relatives, skates and rates are facing. For every person killed by a shark, over 23,000 tonnes of sharks and rays are killed through recreational and commercial fishing because we, humans target them for their meat and for their fins. They are also killed as by catch when some other species is in target. Sharks have a low reproductive capacity and are not substituting their numbers as fast as humans are killing them. More of protection of this marine creature is needed and this is one of the purposes of having shark videos. This is a continuous concern in our society, to protect these large carnivorous animals that affect our human's population.

It gives the desire to those who were not well informed that this marine creature be slaughtered to extinction. This is the reason why many of these species are already endangered and some of them are protected. We are required to be enlightened on the value of this species, the actual and the perceived risks to humans and how best to minimize that risk and the methods and consequences of protecting threatened marine species, like sharks. It will be a great ease that globalization came because you can search and find information about you needed in the comfort of your home. If you want to learn more about the marine life and your interest might be in the largest predatory fish in the world, you can find shark videos on the Internet.

Submitted by:

Sushmita Gupta

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