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A Party For Boisterous Boys

Teen-age boys like to have fun with lots of action and plenty of noise. They want their birthday party must include their likes. If your kids are fun-action loving, then you can try this party.

Here's a party that teen-age boys like. They like boisterous games "not sissy-birthday-party games." By boisterous games they mean games where they can make plenty of noise and games that require lots of action. Did I hear you say you haven't a rumpus room? Neither have we, but there are some boisterous games with lots of action that can be played in the ordinary living room and still not destroy the furniture.

Perhaps you'd like to hear about some of the games the thirteeners played at our house recently. We started off with one called "Jump the Shot." It calls for action and speed and does not need too much room. Tie an old shoe on one end of a rope. The boys form a circle sufficiently large so that each one will have room to jump. The "swinger" takes his place in the center of the circle. His rope must be at least as long as the radius of the circle. He begins by swinging the weight on a short radius, paying out the rope as he increases speed, so that by the time the object at the end of the rope reaches the players in the circle, it will be in steady motion close to the floor. Each player jumps over the rope as it passes him. It is against the rules to step out of the circle to avoid jumping. When a boy misses he drops out of the game until a second boy misses. Then these two players exchange places.

Boys love this game, but it is rather strenuous and should not be played for too long a time. By the time this game was finished there was no trace left of the "social ice" that was so apparent when the youngsters first arrived. Most of the guests were so winded they were glad to drop into chairs or on the floor for a few moments� rest.

Now the boys were ready for a relay. Don't be alarmed relays that are fun can be done in a small space. "Necktie Relay" is a lot of fun for fellows of this age. At best they are none too good at tying neckties and in the excitement of a relay they are indeed all thumbs, which of course only add to the merriment. The players divide into two groups of equal numbers. Each group lines up in single file. The first player in each line is given a necktie. At the starting signal he ties the necktie around the neck of the boy just behind. As soon as the four-in-hand is tied the second player unties it, turns and ties it on the third boy and so on to the end of the line. The team who finishes first wins the game. But just a note of warning don�t use Dad's best tie such furious tying and untying is a bit hard on the ties.

In the Boisterous Boys party, top of the game have always been "Jump the Shot" and "Necktie Relay". Boys love this game, but it is rather strenuous and should not be played for too long a time, otherwise they may feel tired of playing others game.

Submitted by:

Rehan Husain

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.kids-games-n-crafts.com/ , http://www.comicbooksguide.info/ , http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/


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