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You can have an evening full of fun and loving for your teenage kids group without going out and any expense. Take a tip on arranging a simple but quite entertaining party for your kids' gang.

A party for a bunch of thirteen-year-old boys I quailed at the prospect. A party for younger boys (and there had been plenty of them at our house) was all right and easy to manage. But thirteen! That fussy age too old for a small boy party and not quite old enough for a young man party. However our thirteen-year-old was all for giving a party for the bunch. We did not want to refuse because we believe along with many others that it is wise to welcome your sons' friends in the home.

"Shall it be a dinner party or an evening party, and do you want to invite both boys and girls?" I asked, hoping that girls might be included for their supposedly quieting influence on lively boys. No, this was to be a "stag" in the evening with refreshments. "We don't want a bunch of paper and pencil games, Mother," he admonished. "That's too much like school."

Already I had pictured the boys quietly sitting around card tables' playing card games or doing quizzes. Quickly I revised my thinking this was to be an active party for active boys. The boys, fourteen of them, were invited, and games were planned. The evening arrived and so did the boys. Some were dressed in suits and white shirts, others in flannel shirts and corduroys, while several arrived dressed as comedians. While the boys were arriving they seemed to be a bit self-conscious. Lads at this age are not exactly social butterflies, although these boys came from homes where parties among both adults and children were frequent
As soon as the clan had gathered and as a starter for the evening's fun we placed empty quart milk bottles (seven of them) around the room with plenty of space between. The boys were matched in pairs according to size as much as possible for the good old "bottle wrestle." Each boy places his hands on his partner's shoulders facing each other with a bottle between them. The object of the game is to push or pull your partner in such a manner that he is forced to bump over the bottle. The one who knocks the bottle down is the loser of course. Mother">All of the winners play each other, tournament fashion, until there is only one winner left. For evenly matched boys this proves a very strenuous game, takes very little room and is not as "rough-house" as it sounds.

The little "stiffness" at first apparent was entirely lost during and after this game. The fellows were so winded they subsided into chairs or on the floor for a moment's rest. As soon as the boys had regained their breath they were ready for a relay. They divided into two teams, seven on each side. Two strips of white tape (the kind that comes in rolls for sewing) were stretched across the floor, with ends pinned to the rug. This represented two back fences. The boys became cats. The leader of each team starting at the same time, backed along the fence (tape) with both hands and feet on the tape. When they reached the other end of the fence they turned and backed again to where they had begun. As soon as the leaders were back the second ones in line started. The side finishing first won the relay. This relay is exciting, requires skill and speed, and can be harmlessly played in a small space.

Most of the teenager are fun loving and adventurous. They like playing those games which needs speed and action. The games given above will be perfect for them.

Submitted by:

Rehan Husain

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.kids-games-n-crafts.com/ , http://www.ezcomicbookshub.info/ , http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/



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