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About Naruto, The Character

Uzumaki Naruto is the main protagonist of the anime series called Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto, a renowned Mangaka (Japanese for Comic Artist). Naruto is shown to have blue eyes and blond spiky hair. In part 1, he wears a loud orange jacket and some equally loud orange trousers, blue ninja sandals, and a blue hitai-ate or a forehead protector bearing the symbol of the hidden leaf. The insignia he bears is at of a whirlpool. In part 2, Naruto's outfit is basically the same, consisting of trousers and a jacket, but this time its colors are black and orange.

Naruto's Story

During the date of Naruto's birth, October 10, the nine-tailed demon fox was ravaging Konohakagure, otherwise known as the village of the hidden leaf. The fourth Hokage, who was the leader and defender of the village, gave his life to seal the demon fox inside Naruto's body. His dying wish was that the village would treat the boy as a hero for having to carry the burden of the fox. However, the people of Konoha did not heed the Yondaime's request, instead treating Naruto with disdain and scorn. Their hatred was carried over to the younger generation, so practically the whole village hated him for no reason. Naruto did not understand this hatred, however, and was bewildered at why the adults hated him and why his peers did not want to play with him. It was only when he was 12 years old that the reason why the people hated him was revealed to him. However, this knowledge did not lead him to hate the villagers and their misplaced odium. Instead, it only made Naruto more determined to gain the recognition of the villagers by becoming a Hokage himself.

Naruto's Personality

At the start of the series, Naruto is depicted as a troublemaker. He was always doing lude jutsus or 'ninja skills' like the 'Oiroke no Jutsu' which allowed him to transform into a naked female version of himself, effectively stunning his superiors including his teacher, Iruka, and the third Hokage, who resumed his post when the fourth died. He also gets the lowest marks in the Ninja Academy, making him a subject of his classmates� mockery. He is rude and crass and incredibly loud. He laughs easily and is almost always smiling. However, this is only a fa�ade. Deep inside, Naruto harbors deep feelings, hiding the ill ones behind his smiles and laughs so that nobody will have to worry about him or see his vulnerability. Naruto is also hardworking and persevering. He never gives up, no matter how impossible his goal may seem. And most of the time, he succeeds, if only through determination, sheer strength (sometimes lent to him by the demon fox) and his incredible luck.

Naruto's as a character

Beyond luck, his preserverance has really made Naruto the main character in Naruto as one of the best characters to look at. Along with his guts, this side of Naruto's character is definitely something the author stress in a great length on an effort to depict its need in today's society.

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Henry Hsieh

Henry Hsieh has multiple interests and he enjoys talking about them. As a fan of anime, he likes watching Naruto Episode and listen to Naruto MP3 at http://www.tailedfox.com


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