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Cheap Guitar Amps - How to Get the Best Within Budget - Articles Surfing

When you have purchased a guitar, next thing you want to do is to buy cheap guitar amps. Guitar amplifiers come in all shapes and sizes: practice, pre, mini, full and half stacked amps etc. Some amplifiers can do well in many departments, while some others are designed to produce specific tonal qualities. The most popular companies known for producing amps are: Marshall, Yamaha, VOX, Fender, Mesa, Line 6 etc.

While looking for cheap guitar amplifiers, you will have to choose between the tube amps solid state amps and hybrid amps You will also have to decide whether you want a combo or separate head and speaker cabinet. Of these amps tube based amps use the vacuum tubes to produce sound. They are very loud and generate lots of heat when operated. Many musicians prefer tube amps as they produce warm tones and if pushed hard they can produce a natural distortion which adds more impact to the music.

The solid state variety use transistors and integrated circuits instead of tubes. Although they can't match the sound quality of the natural, smooth distortion produced by tube amplifiers, still they are versatile, maintenance free and economical. They use a broader range of tones as compared to tube amps If you are looking for cheap guitar amps you should go for solid state amps they provide reasonably good quality sound in a small budget.

Since the advent of microprocessors and digital technology, digital amplifiers have come in the market. They can simulate the sounds of a variety of tube amps without using actual tubes. They are cheap guitar amps which combine the latest technology with traditional sound quality. You can't make out the difference unless you are very sensitive to the notes.

A hybrid guitar amplifier combines the power of the solid state amps while tone comes from the tube amps technology. This way you get cheaper guitar amplifiers as compared to tube amps with similar quality, it's easier to carry and maintain.

Other Considerations

Combos: They consist of a single unit to house the electronics and the speakers. Thus, they are easier to transport and are quite handy. They are also not very expensive and give you full value for money.

Separate amps: These amps give you more flexibility in terms of speaker size and type. The speaker is away from the electronics, thus electronics are shielded from vibrations, which increases life and reliability of the electronic components.

There are cheap guitar amps available in the market, known as practice or mini amps For beginners they provide good support and are easy on the pocket. They are small in size, and the quality of sound produced by them is reasonably ok. You can use then as practice amps at home or in small gatherings. What kind of amp you choose depends solely on your usage, style, budget and personal choice.

The bigger idea is that an amplifier is an integral part of playing a guitar. Even the costliest best quality guitar won't sound as good if it is not attached to a suitable amplifier. So don't just go in for the cheap guitar amps go for amps that provide you with desired sound effects. An amplifier is a long term investment, you won't buy it every month, and so do not compromise on quality, your style and actual needs.

Submitted by:

Logan N Young

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