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Every child joins the party in the hope of getting more fun and excitement. Make you party successful in fulfilling the hope of every child. Try out the following amusing games to make your all party gang amused and fun.

The guests arrived promptly at seven P.M. NO group of adults ever gathered so promptly at an hour set. We divided the boys up into two teams of five each and told them to see which side could make the most money first.

The leader of each row was given an empty quart milk bottle and a tablespoon. In front of each leader, placed on the buffet or a stand before a mirror, was a dish of popcorn (unbuttered and unsalted). The object is to hold the bottle, top up, on the head and, while looking into the mirror, spoon as many kernels of popcorn into the bottle as possible in three tries.

The row finishing first was given a paper on which to dump all the corn accumulated in the bottle, each kernel counting $1000. As soon as the other row finished they too counted their money. It was soon discovered that the row finishing first did not make the most money. The row finishing last had the most corn in the bottle. This game took more than seven minutes, of course, but the next took less.

Dick asked the boys if any of them had ever seen an "Indian Wedding." He said he had heard about one and told the boys to stand in a row, facing front, shoulders touching and he'd explain how it was done. The steps of the game are:

1. The ten boys stand shoulder to shoulder, facing the front.
2. Wedding">All raise hands above the head.
3. Bend to kneeling position, keeping the knees tight together.
4. Put hands behind back and clasp firmly.
5. Bend over and put forehead on the floor.

As soon as all the boys were in this position, Dick gave the lad on the end a stiff nudge, whereupon the whole group toppled over on their sides. The boys thought it great fun to have the whole row fall over. Being in kneeling position no one was hurt.

Next we had a relay called "High, Wide and Handso me." We laid newspapers on the floor a good step apart. Divided the boys into two teams of five each. Gave the leader of each team a book, told him to balance the book on his head and walk on the newspapers across the room and back. On his return the next one started. The team finishing first, of course, won the race.

Then came "Dog's Day." Ahead of time we had typed out on slips of paper, one for each lad, stunts such as these:

1. Imitate a dog meeting a cat.
2. Imitate a dog howling at the moon.
3. Imitate a dog chasing its tail, etc.

Each boy drew a slip from a hat and was warned not to let anyone see what was written on the slip. Then each fellow did as his slip directed while the rest guessed what he was doing. Some of the stunts were very amusing and some of the guesses equally so.

These were some of the games that the boys enjoyed at Dick's party. You will notice that we gave no prizes. We have found that if the games are such that everyone can participate winning seems to satisfy without a prize. Not one game called for expensive equipment. The equipment we used were things that every householder has on hand. Although we had fifteen games planned we used only fourteen. Dick and his guests had a rousing good time and not one bit of damage was done to the household furnishings.

For 'Dog's Day' game choose the stunts which is very funny to imitate. Some examples is given above. These stunts will surely chill out even the shyest boy of your party.

Submitted by:

Rehan Husain

Mitch Johnson is a regular writer for http://www.kids-games-n-crafts.com/ , http://www.ezbudgetholidayguide.info/ , http://www.goodbudgetholiday.info/



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