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The Party Idea Cycle -- Your Ride To Perfect Party Planning. - Articles Surfing

I loved him. But his lack of faith stung me:

"Ha!! You organize a party? You wouldn't have any idea."

Little did he know you had hundreds of ideas. And...a way to make them Europe">ALL work.

What's all the fuss?

Ideas are one thing, planning another and organizing yourself to do it all is perhaps the key.

So, let's keep this party planning stuff extra S-I-M-P-L-E. I believe there are only three basic steps to planning a successful party or event.

Yep, only three!

Here they are:

1st : The Ideas Or Theme -- this will send the party into orbit and giove your planning direction.

2nd: The Plan -- How are you going to do it all -- with ease?

3rd: Showtime! -- Put all your work into action when it counts.

Each has its own pitfalls and peculiarities. Today we'll focus on the Idea - not so much where they come from, but what you do with them. I will also create with you a way to prepare for every party you'll ever organize.

Yes. That's the promise.

This stuff is TOTALLY TRANSFERABLE to other events, functions, occasions from birthday parties, to graduations, funerals, (Yes!!, funerals) and what ever you can imagine. It all starts with an idea...

What is an idea really....?

The idea is the spark that ignites you -- the fuel and machinery -- to get this all done.

I get asked every day, "How do you come up with really good ideas?"

The trick is to have plenty to begin with!

Before you can even get ideas you have to put aside time to let your brain know that you are in idea-generation mode. This is a habit that will serve you well in other areas of your life: work, parenting...so what we are talking about is a transferable mindset or something that you can apply elsewhere.

Yep, let you brain know. Give your self permission to stop and do this for someone else.

I developed and use the Party Idea Cycle' a cool-tool to get the ideas into some order.

The cycle is 7 simple steps to using ideas:

Step One: Solo Ponder
You with you running your thoughts about the idea of you organizing someone's celebration. For some this is Massive! This time is to reflect on what's needed of you, and to be ultra sure that you are going to commit to doing this. This commitment is crucial. Half baked is half baked. We are playing with peoples feelings and, on a day or a time when they are no:1. Anything pulling that focus is not needed. Half baked has a tendency to pull focus!

Step Two: Catch the idea
Gather the elements that represent the person in question have them around you. Things like: magazines, music, food, movies, their culture, likes, hates ...do the big brain dumpo and throw all your thoughts on paper. DO NOT EDIT these nuggets. Just get them down. I have a lot of these ideas on tap at BBPI. How? Habit mostly. I have trained myself to catch ideas as the pop.

Step Three: Grow the idea
Use the rule of three. Learnt in my tour guiding days, don't try and put any more than three big elements together. Put them in some order and link them in some way, so that there is a continuous flow during the time.

Step Four: Engage the masses
Get others involved. Choose wisely and really make sure they are clear on their role.

Step Five: Take the idea out on the highway.,br>
Use Mental Rehearsal and have a Run Sheet. No matter how small the occasion, have it clearly stated what will happen, when, and who is responsible.

Step Six: Unleash the Beast
Put the plan into action.

Step Seven: Rewind the memories

After all is done and dusted, spend time running the mental dvd, to lock in the memory. Revisit the photos, meet up and "debrief". Tell the world!

There's seven for you to mull over, discuss and hopefully put into practice.

Another "half step"...

There is one more that I believe is really important.

What's the half step, I hear you ask? That's the extra bit, the bit that can make it all worth while. The cherry on the cake!!

You see, the focus on this article has been on you doing for others, what you do, how you think and who you engage to help. That's fine and all very valid. BUT-- and it's a big but -- the EXTRA juice is to forget about them at the end and acknowledge you for conceiving-planning-and-carrying out the whole operation.

You've conceived a plan, nurtured it, given it birth and allowed others to get together and enjoy themselves.

So, what are you waiting for...Take a bow!!!

Submitted by:

Neal Lohse

Neal Lohse is the author of Best Birthday Party http://Idea.com http://www.best-birthday-party-idea.com He describes himself as a Happy Person, Loving Spouse, Cool-Dad, Business Coach, Author, Corporate Philosopher, Event Designer, Education Facilitator, cook-washer-cleaner ...and is in love with a mountain-bike and a pair hiking boots.



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