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Bar Etiquette While On Swivel Bar Stools - Articles Surfing

It has been a rough day. Your boss yelled at you. Your girlfriend broke up with you. And your pet cat made a snack out of your bet bird. So, you decided to wash away your sorrows with some brews at the local bar. Your new best friend is Johnny-not Johnny Walker(r), but the bartender. He has listened to your ranting and raving all night, given you advice, and never criticized you about anything. After your third beer, you pay your bill, hand a quarter to the bartender, spin around on your swivel bar stool, and then head for your vehicle outside. It never occurred to you that you have just broken bar etiquette!

Avoid Being Barred from Bars
Many people never realize there is an unspoken bar etiquette that bar patrons should follow. You probably will never find these unspoken rules in an Emily Post or Ann Landers column. And, it would be too nerdy to get formal training on bar etiquette. Bar etiquette is not like etiquette at a formal dinner or wedding ceremony. Instead, it is more informal and fluid. Whether or not you are seated in one of the swivel bar stools at your favorite bar, you must know and follow the protocol there.

A Tip about Tips
Bar etiquette begins with the bartender. The main function of a bar is drinking, and the bartender is the person who serves drinks. So it makes sense to befriend the bartender, or at least talk to him in a civil manner. Remember that a bartender's pay mainly comes from tips. So if the service is good, be extra generous when tipping. You can, thus, leave the bar with a clear conscience.

The Eyes Have It
In addition to the universal etiquette towards the bartender, each gender should follow distinct, generally accepted protocol in the bar. Men must realize that buying a woman a drink does not mean that they have purchased the woman's attention. Women usually use body language to tell a man that she wants him to approach her swivel bar stool. These messages include making and maintaining eye-contact, "preening," or playing with hair or checking makeup, and getting in a person's personal space. Make sure not to use any corny pickup lines, including "What's your sign?" and "Do you come here often?" Instead, always show a real interest in what the woman likes and who her friends are. Only ask for her number if you want it. And if you want to see her again, call within 24 to 48 hours.

Nice No
Bar etiquette also exists for women. If a man approaches your swivel bar stool and you are not interested in him, deal with the situation confidently but with class. Completely ignoring him is definitely a no-no. However, you do not want to spend the entire night talking to someone you are uninterested in. Polite ways of saying "I'm not interested" without actually saying so include encouraging the dude to relocate. You could ask "Where are you going next?" or "Where are your friends?" Also, you could stand up from your swivel bar stool and excuse yourself to find your friends or go buy another drink.

Etiquette is what keeps civilization civil. And though a bar is a little more informal than other locations where manners are important, they should still be used. So the next time you sit down on one of your favorite watering hole's swivel bar stools, remember to be Mr. or Ms. Manners.

Submitted by:

Marc Hardey

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