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Cigar Etiquette

The courteous smoker knows that even though smoking cigars may be a great source of pleasure in their life, not everyone enjoys the taste or smell of a quality cigar. The importance of not offending others while enjoying a good stogie cannot be stressed enough, particularly considering that the fervor of anti-smoking campaigns is still in full swing. It is therefore especially important remember that while smoking a cigar it can be very difficult to gauge the smell or discomfort that others may be experiencing. Also keep in mind that clothing, furniture, and even the walls will build up a respectable residue from cigar smoke. For these reasons it is exceptionally important to learn to become a considerate and courteous cigar smoker, so that each cigar may be enjoyed with a clean conscience.

When living with non-smokers find a well-ventilated area of the residence where both smoker and non-smoker accommodated. It may be tempting for a smoker to lock himself or herself away in an office or bedroom, but this is not likely to a good idea unless it has a window. Not only is the smoker more likely to inhale dangerous levels of the toxic air from his or her own cigar, but ultimately this is not likely to separate the non-smokers from the smoke adequately to provide for their comfort. If at all possible, go outside to smoke. Put a comfortable chair to relax in on the porch, or make arrangements in any other open area where smoking can be comfortably enjoyed. It is important, particularly in the case of children and the elderly, to get as far away as possible from non-smokers. Remember that cigar smoke contains many carcinogens and irritants that non-smokers have no protection against.

The courteous and respectful smoker will only light up where legally permitted when it is necessary to smoke a cigar away from home. Any bar, restaurant, or hotel where smoking is prohibited should be maintained by both smoker and non-smoker alike as a smoke-free zone. The courteous cigar smoker will also make sure of the preference of those around when he or she is planning to light up in a designated smoking section. When with someone who does not smoke, or whom might dislike cigar smoke, ask his or her permission. Try to be as considerate as possible about smoking, such as striving to make sure the smoke isn't wafting in the direction of someone who is bothered by it. If possible, sit near an open window or space, if air is being drawn away from the crowd by it. Pay attention to whether the air conditioner or other air currents are moving the smoke in the direction of other people. It's also polite to check to see whether anyone around is eating. Secondhand smoke from a discourteous smoker is guaranteed to ruin the meal of a non-smoker.

The cigar ash is also a concern of the courteous cigar smoker. When smoking away from home, make certain to dispose of ashes in a safe manner, such as an appropriate container. Always keep in mind that ashes can easily blow away--lower quality cigars are especially prone to this. Safeguard against ash blowing near or onto other people, and don't litter with ashes.

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Richard Brown

Richard Brown is an author for several well-known online magazines, on shopping and products and product tips topics.


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