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Smoking The Good Cigar

Smoking cigars require a hint of attitude, a dash of poise, and a spoonful of consideration. If you are a cigar lover, make sure you follow the etiquette that comes with your passion.

You might have never thought about smoking as something that could be done properly, but believe it or not, there is a right way to smoking a cigar. There are do's and don'ts to cigar smoking, as well as a proper way to handle a cigar and a right way to light it. This article will serve as a primer to cigar smoking.

The Basics Of Smoking

First of all, you have to understand that we are talking about cigars, not cigarettes - that's a different thing. Now, the first thing you must learn is how to light a cigar properly. Take a cigar clipper and use it cut off the section of the cigar you put to your mouth.

After cutting, you may then take a cedar match and hold the edge of the cigar to the flame. Avoid using sulfur matches as they leave a bad taste in the mouth. Also, do not allow the cigar to be in direct contact with the fire. Just hold it over the heat and draw in deeply until the cigar is well lit.

"What about lighters?" you ask. Well, as much as possible, use a wooden match to light your cigar. But if you must use a lighter, choose a butane lighter. Regular cigarette lighters produce a nasty odor that ruins a good cigar.

Another point to remember is to light your own cigar. Do not offer to light another's or to have someone else light you cigar for you. Offer your match or your lighter instead.

Here comes the main part of cigar smoking - and that is smoking the cigar! But you can't do it any way you please. There are certain points a good smoker must follow. First, lightly hold the cigar between your thumb and your index thumb. Anything else is considered in bad taste.

A Couple of Do's and Don'ts Every Cigar Lover Must Know

Do not rush the process of smoking. Keep a slow burn and allow yourself time to savor the taste and the aroma of your cigar. Smoking a good quality cigar usually takes half an hour. Bigger sized cigars take at least an hour.

Don't knock off the ashes of the cigar. Rest the cigar in an ashtray every few minutes - don't huff and puff like a little madman! Place it in an ashtray when not being smoked, and allow the ashes to fall off naturally from the cigar. But be sure you have the right ashtray size.

Never burn a cigar down to a nub. Leave at least and inch or two to your cigar. Otherwise, you'll get a bitter taste in your mouth. So how do you extinguish and discard your cigar? Allow the cigar to sit on the ashtray and it will go out by itself.

And remember, a good smoker is considerate of the people around him. So when you want to light up a cigar in public, make sure to ask the person beside you if he minds you lighting up one.

Submitted by:

Bradlley Mckoy

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