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Getting Started

We are going to get started by giving you the know how to accomplish the task of training your dog. A trained dog is a happy dog. There is no need for smacking, yelling, punishing or anything negative like that. If you know how to do it right, your dog will not do anything that will make you want to react in such harsh ways.

Keep this in mind when training your pet, no matter what, your dog wants nothing more in life than to please you. This is apparent by the way your dog mirrors your mood to better suit what you need and want. Dogs are very simple creatures. Don�t misunderstand me, they are very bright and can learn everything you teach them, but it is just that. They will learn anything you teach them, and only what you teach them. They learn even when you do not know they are learning. They are like sponges and pick up on things that are very subtle and that you don�t even know they can see or hear, or for that matter remember. Dogs are much like toddlers.

They do what we allow them to do and what we teach them to do. Understanding this is important because dogs can be confused by small inconsistencies in things you do or say. Dogs are very attentive, subconsciously so, they are also very detail oriented and live to offer devoted and assiduous attention to what you are doing. EVEN if you don�t think they are paying attention to you.

The most important word for dog training is patience. I will say it again


I cannot state to you how very important the word Patience is in dog training. It is in fact ONLY word that is repeated through out the book, and in fact used as the theme to dog training PATIENCE! This word will determine whether you are successful and satisfied with a happy dog; or upset, frustrated and angry at a scared and misbehaving dog.

This is the first of the three top qualities you must understand and put into practice. OK, here we go


HAVE PATIENCE. I know that you�re quiet anxious to see your dog act like the star you want them to be, and it will happen. We will cover a number of techniques here, and most importantly, behavior patterns that need to be understood. These will bring about an incredible almost revolutionary change, though it may not be noticeable to you at first. We will also go into many more outwardly visible characteristics of a well-trained dog. We cannot perfect an animal in one lesson, one day, or even one week, so please be patient. IT WILL WORK!

BE PERSISTANT. Some behaviors are harder to change or introduce than others. Your dog will enjoy doing these things, so do not let them be more motivated than you. With persistence, you will make bad behaviors disappear, and good behavior will be continuous and consistent, in other words your dog will behave all the time. To use an old clich�, it is like riding a bike� if you fall off, get back up and keep riding.

Practice. It makes perfect. It really does. Repetition is the best way to teach a dog a trick. This is the only way that things will improve; making you and your dog successful. Repetition is the key and that means doing things over and over each day. Time needs to be set aside daily, yes every day. The time that you waste correcting your dog now, and being upset with the misbehavior, will be spent having fun with your buddy and enjoying your time together in the future. A well-trained dog is a happy dog!

Submitted by:

Brett Fogle

Brett Fogle is the author of Dog House Training Secrets An Easy-To-Follow, No-Nonsense, Ebook about Dog Training. Learn To Train Your Dog in 7 Days or Less -- Guaranteed!

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