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Perhaps inspired by their recent success in influencing the outcome of the American Presidential elections, the Catholic Church have looked Northward. Looking past an unjust war against non-tithing members of the World Community, the Catholic Church helped King George II get enough votes based on his the fact that his visions were more in line with that of the Pope's and his handlers in regards to same-sex marriage, and other long-standing bigotry still accepted in this millennium. Hearing that the Canadian governing party is now open to passing a Bill that would legalize same-sex marriage, the Church has begun to gather the mob and light the torches to go against anyone who would oppose their version of the sanctity of marriage. Paul Martin, Canada's Prime Minister, has already started doing the political backslide in diverting the ownership of this issue from his Party to the People, saying that he wants to set up a National Poll on the issue.

Imagine a Poll done in 1905, or 1965 asking of Black Americans should be given the same rights as White Americans. This is not a debate of which is better, "Tastes Great or Less Filling?" this is about Human Rights; the right of a person not to fall subject to the opinions and values of his neighbors, the right of a person to live according to their own values as long as it does not inflict harm against someone else. The Americans never asked of the Iraqi people wanted to be free of Saddam. Gay North Americans don't need to ask the Pope for the right to be granted the same privileges as their heterosexual brothers and sisters.

Canadians should be wary of how the Catholic Church will approach this issue should it gain momentum. They have the backing of King George II and a history of obedience from Canadians to American interests. The best thing you can do is to write to your political representative and voice your support of same-sex marriage. Not gay? Who cares! Jesus didn't. Make no mistake about it. When Jesus confronted people who tried to impose their traditional religious values and punish a woman for her adulteress ways, Jesus stood up for her and said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone". So, how can we as a people follow a religious organization that would deny the rights of 2 people that want to commit together, yet not protect the rights of children abused by members of their own organization. The Pope has nothing to say when it comes to men of the cloth imposing their manhood on children who look up to them, but seeks to deny love. Jesus' greatest gift to us was love. He died for love and to open forgiveness for all, yet the Popes throughout history have made others die from lack of it.

True Christians know that their faith is a personal journey with their Lord, giving to Caesar what belongs to him, and giving back to God what is His. Laws are meant to provide justice for all. Religion is for each individual. Jesus asked that his disciples spread the word of God, not inflict it on those that don't believe in the exact same translation of the Jewish text. How long can we allow Religious Organizations to pass judgment on others when they are not accountable for their own actions? How long can we allow our elected officials to legalize hate? How different are the feelings of disgust between couple of same-sex today than the feelings in the past when two people of different color where together? How different are the arguments in defense of this bigotry are today than they were towards the children? Malcolm X once quipped about not needing to overseas to fight terror; he had plenty in his own backyard. Understanding is a pre-cursor to action. You don't have to be gay to understand state-sponsored discrimination, nor does the feelings have to be justified by bodies swinging from a tree. Canadians have another chance to defy their Big American Brother and take a stand for same-sex marriage. Canada needs to show the world what a true free democratic society is all about, and we the people need to support that government for that direction. Do not let your voices remain silent on this issue, gay or not.

Submitted by:

Gary Whittaker

Gary Whittaker is the editor of T.E.N Magazine, a social and sports commentary webzine with balls! Check out more articles at http://www.tenwebzine.com




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