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Victoria's Secret DISCLOSED! - Articles Surfing

SHHHHHH, don't tell anybody, but, I know the secret.

It all started with a simple shopping spree. I had decided to surprise my wife with a new purchase of special clothing essentials from every man's dreamiest of feminine wardrobe stores.

Yes, it was Victoria's Secret.

After spending a few hours there, I mean, a few minutes, something became very apparent to me. It was very obvious to anyone with a trained eye and the gift of observance. It became very apparent that I was the only man in a store mainly comprised of women who was shopping alone.

At that moment, I could sense it. Obviously, I was Ted Bundy, Osama Bin Ladin and Sadam Hussein, all rolled into one.

Now, I'm being humorous, but every man who has embarked upon a shopping mission such as this can empathize with me.

Should I get cotton? Should I get satin? Should I get silk? What about lace? Of course, you have to touch the cloth and check the size to find just the right purchase, which causes even more feelings of suspicion as you lift each garment from the table it is displayed on. "I sure hope they don't think I'm some kind of pervert", I remember thinking.

After several, seemingly unapproachable moments, a young lady decided she would close the chasm that existed between us and, sheepishly I might add, ask if I needed some help. In this store where every piece of clothing is practically of an intimate nature, she assisted me in finding the sizes I needed.

Through all my humorous discomfort something began to dawn on me. While I didn't go in on a mission of finding out what Victoria's Secret "secret" is, I think this experience may have disclosed it.

Stay with me a few minutes and I will share with you what I think.

It is something that seems to have been misplaced in our desensitized sexually liberated culture.


Let's say that someone walks up to you and hands you the keys to two different cars. One of those cars is an old Subaru Justy and the other a brand new Ferrari. Do you think you might handle the Ferrari a little different than you would the Justy?

Of course you would, we all would.

We would probably wash the Ferrari a lot more. We would probably make sure the Ferrari was garage kept. While we may let just anybody drive the Justy, the Ferrari would be virtually unattainable for anyone to drive.

What's the difference?


We always treat differently what we value.

That, I believe is Victoria's Secret, secret. For years this franchise has made a living by placing high value on the female anatomy. You can't experience a shopping escapade like the one mentioned above, see all the colors and the different fabrics designed to help a woman feel special, without seeing it.


I wonder, have we cheapened the human sexual experience and personally lost the proper placement of value our creator has given our bodies?

When we show little concern about how we place our bodies on display. When we could care less about leaving anything to the imagination. When our mentors are the people showing the most skin.

Have we lost the issue of VALUE?

When program after program on TV reports teenagers engaging in sexual conduct with multiple partners on the back of a school bus. When high-school age kids are admitting to sexual encounters in the double digits before they graduate. When human sexuality is considered little different than an amusement park scream machine that anyone and everyone can ride if they wish.

Have we lost the issue of VALUE?

Remember, we always treat differently what we value.

Are we failing to value sexual intimacy and the bonding it brings to relationships? Are we failing to value the sacredness and oneness such an act produces? Are we failing to realize the lofty value our creator has given our bodies to be able to anatomically take part in the creation process?

The next time somebody who belongs in a kennel (Snoop Dog) or someone who belongs in a bag (Eminem), through music or actions tries to impress upon you that "Girl's Gone Wild" actions are where body dignity is found, remember "Victoria's Secret". Your body has value, period.

The value you place on your body will be reflected in how you use it.

Copyright 2004 advice-for-lifetime-relationships.com by Stanley J. Leffew

Submitted by:

Stanley J. Leffew

Stanley J. Leffew is the Author of, "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime". His website is based on this same theme. His site's intriguing Newsletter, "Sugar For My Coffee", takes its readers into a make-believe Coffee Shop for life and relationship empowerment. The Coffee Shop is OPEN at http://advice-for-lifetime-relationships.com.



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