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Wacky Water Games For Your Kids Party - Articles Surfing

Twelve wacky water game ideas are a cool addition to any summer party. Choose from favorites like water limbo, musical sprinkler, sponge tag, and more.


Set up a kiddie pool and fill with bubble solution. Supply kids with an assortment of bubble blowers. Stretched coat hangers are great for giant bubbles. Have each child stand in the middle of the bubble pool inside a hula hoop. Pull the hoop upward to create a mega-bubble with the child inside it!


Have players stand or sit in a circle outside. A water balloon is passed from player to player. However, the balloon is not passed around the circle as in traditional "hot potato". It is thrown across the circle from player to player. If a players fails to catch the balloon, or it breaks when he or she attempts to catch it, that player is out.

If a players intentionally throw the balloon hard to make it explode in another's hands, he or she is called "out". Older kids can spread farther apart if necessary. The game proceeds until there is one dry person left.


Set up a water hose in a grassy area. Line kids up as in traditional limbo. An adult is in charge of the water hose, shooting a powerful stream of water for kids to limbo under. Adult starts with the hose high, then lowers the steam of water after each round. Losers, of course, get soaked!


Hook up a sprinkler to your water source, but don't turn it on yet. Instruct players to move around the sprinkler area, dancing, hopping, or striking funny poses. When the sprinkler is turned on, kids must freeze in position without moving until the sprinkler is turned off again. Bathing suits a "must" for this game.


You'll need a bucket full of water balloons for this game. Divide kids into two teams and pair them up. Each pair gets a beach towel and each child holds two corners of the towel. One side begins by placing a water balloon in the center of their towel. The object is to toss the balloon from one pair of kids to another, with the opposing side catching the balloon in their towel.

This can be played with a net, or simply pace off a distance between opposing teams. Kids volley back and forth till someone misses and the balloon breaks. This gives the other team a point.

For small children, use a sheet or blanket instead of towels. Divide into two teams and have each child hold onto the edge of the one of the sheets. Volley until one of the teams misses.


Divide players into two or more teams of about 4-5 kids. Place empty buckets for each team about 25 paces away. Each team gets their own full bucket of water at the starting line. The object of the game is to transfer water from the starting line to the finish line bucket, with whichever means is available...

Traditional - Each player gets a small cup to transfer water from the starting line to the finish line bucket.

Variation - Each player gets one of these items - spoon, cup, bowl, pie plate, Tupperware container

Sponge version- Each player gets a sponge to suck up water at the starting line and squeeze it out into the finish line bucket.


Divide players into two teams and line them up from start to finish line. Players each have a bucket in hand. A kiddie pool or large bucket is available at the starting line. The player closest to the water source scoops up a bucketful and pours it into the next closest player's bucket. That player turns and does the same, and so on down the line.

The last player dumps whatever water is left into the finish line bucket. The first team to fill their bucket wins. Kids will get excited and try to go fast, spilling water on themselves and each other. Good for a nice hot day.


A twist on traditional tag, this game is played with a big soft sponge like the kind used to wash your car. The player who is "It" must use the wet sponge to tag another player, who then becomes the new "It". There will be no doubt about who is tagged because they'll be wearing a big wet splat mark on their back!


This is an outdoor party game, especially great for a hot day. Set off a game area and spread several beach towels on the ground in various locations. These are the anthills. One child is designated the "Exterminator" and is armed with a spray bottle of water. The other guests are ants. The Exterminator must get rid of the ants by spraying them with his bottle of insecticide. When a player is sprayed, they must lay on the ground with arms and legs in the air - like a dead bug!

The other players rescue the dead ants and bring them back to life by carrying them by the arms and legs to one of the anthills. (While an ant rescue is taking place, the Exterminator cannot spray any of the rescuers.) Once placed on an anthill, the dead ants come back to life and can rejoin the game. This game can go on for quite awhile!


Divide players into two teams and line them up. The first player on each is given an ice cube. The child must rub the ice cube between his hands for as long as possible to try to make it melt. When he or she gets too cold, the ice cube is passed to the next child in line. The first team to melt the ice cube wins.


Have kids sit along the edge of a kiddie pool filled with water. Each player has their own empty bucket or bowl beside them. Now dump a big pile of ice cubes into the pool. At the starting signal, players must pick up as many ice cubes as they can and put them into their own buckets. The catch is that they must use only their feet. The player who collects the most ice cubes within a designated time period is the winner.


Arm kids with an arsenal of water weapons, such as squirt guns, squirt bottles, turkey basters, sponges, water balloons - anything that can hold and/or shoot water. Let them go wild!

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Submitted by:

Patricia B. Jensen

Patricia B. Jensen is a mother of three and kids party enthusiast. She is the webmaster and owner of Kids-Party-Paradise.com - a complete resource for kids party ideas including invitations, cakes, decorations, games, costumes, favors, and food.

For all the latest party news, read her Kids Party Blog.



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