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13 Money Making Myths

A lot of people are poor because of myths or wrong assumptions about money. For you to become rich, you have to know the realities and the myths of money making.

Money myths # 1: If I had chosen a lucrative career, I would have been rich.

Reality: There are millionaires in all profession. Anything can make money. You don�t look for a lucrative career; you make your career lucrative.

Money myths # 2: If my parents were rich, I would have made it.

Reality: Most super rich are from poor families and some from average families. Even those from rich families had to create there own personal wealth.

Money myths # 3: If I were better educated, I�d make more money.

Reality: You need education outside the lecture halls. After all well-educated people are not rich. You have to go into private study and exercise your mind for financial excellence.

Money myths # 4: If I had better breaks, you know, at the right place at the right time, I would have become successful.

Reality: The super rich weren�t lucky, they only prepared for luck. Opportunities and luck are created not waited for.

Money myths # 5: If the economy was better, I�d be wealthy.

Reality: In any community, State, or country, there are millionaires. There is money everywhere.

Money myths # 6: If I didn�t have family or social responsibilities, I would have made millions.

Reality: It is not all about your responsibilities, but how you frugally manage them. You have to be frugal with your money and spend on the most important stuffs.

Money myths # 7: If all the big money making opportunities were still available, I�d be super rich.

Reality: Moneymaking opportunities worldwide are more available today than ever before.

Money myths # 8: If only government, my employers, family, or spouse helped me, I would have made loads of money.

Reality: Anybody can run out of your life. You could be fired, government can dump you, your spouse might divorce you, and your family and friends could desert you. You alone is responsible for your success.

Money myths # 9: If I had large sum of money, I would have started saving and investing early.

Reality: Little drop of water makes a mighty ocean. Start with the little you have. If you are waiting for a large amount, you will never make it. And the best time to start saving and investing is today.

Money myths # 10: I will start my retirement plan when am a few years from retiring.

Reality: Your retirement plan should start today, no matter your age.

Money myths # 11: I have to work very hard to become rich.

Reality: So many hard working people are poor. The rich don�t work hard; they work very smart.

Money myths # 12: It takes money to make money.

Reality: It takes money, no matter how small, to seize opportunities.

Money myths # 13: Having a good job leads to wealth.

Reality: A job is a temporary source of income. A permanent one requires that you make your money work for you. So whatever you do, be in business for yourself and apply your money industriously. You are always the CEO of your endeavors.

Submitted by:

Bright Johnson

Bright Johnson is the author of "Secrets of billionaires�how to be super rich" which can be download at http://www.superriches.com Pass this article to your friends and foes.


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