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31 More Ways To Save Money - Articles Surfing

Day 1:

Promise this month that you will use every drop of shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and
moisturizer in your house before you buy any more. See if you can last an entire month with the
inventory you already have on hand.

Day 2:

When you're ready to throw out your toothpaste, squeeze, flatten, press hard to get just 1 or 2
more uses from the tube.

Day 3:

Have friends over for dinner this weekend instead of eating out. Each month rotate who will host
the dinner party.

Day 4:

If you are dissatisfied with the service or product you recently purchase, send a complaint letter.
Oftentimes, the company will send you an apology with some sort of coupon or certificate.

Day 5:

Plant a garden this year and have fresh vegetables this summer.

Day 6:

If you are considering a car purchase, think fuel efficiency. A vehicle that gets 30 miles per
gallon (MPG) will cost you $450 less to fuel each year than one that gets 20 MPG (assuming 12,000
miles of driving annually and a fuel cost of $2.60). If you own your car for at least 5 years, the
more efficient MPG car will save you $2250 in gasoline.

Day 7:

Shop differently at the grocery stores. Most stores have attractive sales that bring you in the
door in the hopes that you'll end up buying other items that are regular price. This is referred to
as a "loss leader." Buy the loss leaders in bulk and freeze what you don't use. If you eat pasta
sauce regularly and the store has them on a great sale, buy four of them. You'll use them if they
are in your pantry.

Day 8:

Stop using your local ATM machine. Most grocery and drug stores, gas stations, and convenient
stores now allow you to get cash back from your purchase. Don't give away $1.50-$3.00 to use your
local machine.

Day 9:

Round up the cost of your purchase. As you work your budget use whole dollars and drop of the
cents. For example, if something cost you $9.70, list it as $10.00. Over the course of the month
you will have created a little slush fund that can be set aside for savings.

Day 10:

Eat a big breakfast meal for dinner. When you're so busy in the morning it's rare you ever get a
real breakfast. Why not have pancakes and omelets for dinner instead?

Day 11:

Keep foods that store well at your workplace. Examples include oatmeal, cream of wheat, soup, and
protein bars (that you bought on sale!). This stash of food will come in handy when you are tempted
to go to the vending machine.

Day 12:

Bring your lunch to work - 1 day a week

Day 13:

Shampoo your own carpets this season

Day 14:

If you bought an item at regular price and it goes on sale within 30 days, call the store to ask
what their policy is on reimbursing you the difference. More often than not, they will give you the
sale price!

Day 15:

Get some exercise and wash your own car

Day 16:

On the weekends don't use makeup and styling hair products.

Day 17:

Instead of buying a new tool, gadget, or piece of equipment, ask you neighbor to borrow theirs. Be
a good neighbor and return it when you're done.

Day 18:

Pay your bills on time and avoid the late fees!

Day 19:

Refinance your home if your rate is 2% points or higher than the current mortgage rates.

Day 20:

Stop trying to compete with the stuff your neighbor owns. There is real freedom when you go to
sleep at night knowing that you may have less but you don't owe anyone a dime.

Day 21:

Teach your children how to fly a kite instead of going to the expensive arcades or movie theatres.

Day 22:

Bring your lunch once this week to work.

Day 23:

Purge your closets. Donate clothes you don't wear anymore and wear an old forgotten favorite.

Day 24:

Take today and make a spa at home. Bubble bath, facial, moisturize, and relax.

Day 25:

Find out if your local zoo or museum has a "free" day and take the family for a picnic as well.

Day 26:

Look for a lower interest rate if you carry a balance on your credit card account. Spend an hour
and save your self hundreds but getting a lower interest rate.

Day 27:

Do you dare to cut or trim your own hair? It will grow back.

Day 28:

Paint your own house.

Day 29:

Make your hobby pay for itself - sell some of your creations.

Day 30:

Eat a piece of fruit as a snack instead of an expensive pre-packaged preservative-filled plastic
wrapped calorie-filled cookie, candy bar, or treat.

Day 31:

Just for today, don't spend any money.

Submitted by:

Kimberly Griffiths

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