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3 Steps to Christian Debt Relief

Counseling Practices for Christian Debt Relief

The term Christian debt relief can be misleading simply because it warrants debt relief for Christians only. Christian debt relief practices are actually based on age old Biblical connotations and hence, are all in good faith having the best interests of the customer in mind, irrespective of religion. Here are some of the common counseling practices used in Christian debt relief.

The debt in relation to Bible

The Bible says that one person cannot be serving two masters � God as well as money. Since serving God is paramount, Christian debt relief stresses on getting rid of all existing debts. The Christian debt relief concept emphasizes on taking up additional work. Thus, instead of a 4 or 5 day working week, one could work an additional day to earn more revenues to pay off debts. Additional skills can also enhance the chances of getting a promotion at work. This can lead to a better remuneration, thereby, helping to clear debts faster. The Christian debt relief also lays stress on the facts of the Bible wherein one needs to say no to things that are unnecessary. Therefore, it implies separating the needs from luxuries and buying only the essentials. That could mean cutting down on lavish dinners, buying fewer clothes and getting frugal. These are the main tenets of a Christian debt relief program.

Consolidation services as per the Bible

As per the Bible, debt is perceived to be slavery, and by all means, every Christian debt relief program focuses on helping the person get out of liabilities. That means, even when it comes to selecting a debt consolidation program, one must be judicious in their choices. While most consolidation programs offer a lower rate of interest, many of them have a hidden catch to them. The moment you default on payment or make a late payment, the rate goes back to default. So, all those balance transfer schemes may just prove to be costlier for you. As per Christian debt relief counseling practices, you need to read the fine print and then figure out if the consolidation program is really beneficial to you or not.

Managing your debts as per the Bible

The Bible teaches us to manage our spending patterns in an optimal manner so that when an emergency occurs we have sufficient money at hand. As per Christian debt relief programs, even investment in a fund management company may not be worth it at all. The way most fund management companies work is that they charge a fee to manage your finances and debts and make payments towards your bills. They basically end up having complete control on your hard earned money. You will be given a nominal amount to spend from. However, as per Christian debt relief counseling practices this is another form of slavery or dependency. You are entrusting your money into the hands of another organization. You can never be sure if your money is really in the right hands or not. Hence, the best Christian debt relief programs will advise you to take charge of your own debts and finances and manage them yourself.

Submitted by:

Ted Batron

Learn the techniques of Christian Debt Relief based no only on Biblical principles, but on sound financial principles as well. Get Ted Batrons free ecourse on negotiating and settling debt at http://no-debt.net/debt-info/debt-reduction/christian-debt-relief.html


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