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Are You Making These Mistakesholding Your Cash Flow Notes? - Articles Surfing

Read This Now'
Or Kiss Your Money Good Bye

In the path of natural life, sooner or later you'll get caught up buying or selling, most likely your primary home, additional type of real estate, or other commercial assets. These business transactions may involve cash, morgages or promissory notes (IOU).

' Would you rather have cash $50 now 'or a promise to get $100 in 10-15-20 or 30 years?

Cash your promissory note NOW. Get cash for the current value. 'Instead of waiting for the monthly checks that may extend for years. Doing just that, you can easily bring to an end the monthly payments for the note balance, with gradually decreasing buying power dollars. Instead you get immediate cash.

Do you know that a promissory note holder of any kind, retain the right to sell the whole, or partial dollar value of the note balance at any time before maturity?

If you are one of millions of Americans holding paper cash flow notes, Real Estate, private or commercial mortgage notes, Deeds of Trust, Leases, Annuities, Settlements, or any other types of promissory, I.O.U. notes.

Cash flow notes are important tools to step up and close a business deal. However should not be look upon as the final selling transaction. Hope this short article guides you in the right path. And persuade you to seek more information about the reality of promissory notes.

Do you want to preserve the buying power of your money? Read these facts carefully:

1.-Every seller of any type of asset as a rule always wants to receive cash up front. No seller is looking to hold a promissory note in the first place.

2.-The seller agrees to carry a note only, as a way to facilitate and accelerate the sale of the real estate property, business or other assets that don't sell easily or fast enough.

3.-When you agree to carry a note, you may, or may not receive a small amount of money as deposit. And for the remaining money own to you, you'll get a promise or promissory note to be paid monthly with a small fixed interest, spread out for 120- 180- 240, or 360 monthly payments.

4.-Finally you think, successfully sold your assets, your real estate, or business. But still, you're not completely out of the contract yet. You agree to the deal and the down payment cash. And the remaining money you will receive in monthly installment with dollars gradually loosing buying power, due to the ever present inflation and time factor.

You can easily figure out why this happen, and what inflation and time can do to everyone's money. Inflation and the definite loss of the dollar buying power it's an equal opportunity and inevitable happening.

Just imagine for a moment the effect that inflation does to the buying power of the dollar. Looking history you can see the effect of inflation during the last two decades of the Twenty Century. We see attention-grabbing but disappointing facts.

Here is the bottom line of what happen to the dollar value from 1980 to 2000:

' $154.25 in the year 2006 has the same buying power as $100 in the year 1990.

' $244.72 in the year 2006 has the same buying power as $100 in the year 1980.

' $2447.20 in the year 2006 has the same buying power as $1000 in the year 1980

As you can see the harsh inevitable reality, cash in your hands now is always more beneficial and more valuable than waiting for a slow periodic monthly checks that may last years until maturity.

Imagine what you could do if you get the actual cash balance of your note now, at today dollar buying power. First and more important you're emotionally free, unconcerned about a possible bankruptcy, foreclosures, or loss of job of your note payer. Maybe it's time for that dream family vacation, or new home, a car, college tuition, or new investments. As you can see the possibilities of cash at hand now, are unlimited.

After reading this short article now, I can almost hear your mind asking for more information about the reality of promissory notes. They are extremely useful business tools when correctly used at the right time and circumstance.

If you want to experience the wonderful emotion of being on top of your financial and business dealings as far as cash notes are concerned, you own yourself to look for more information on this topic.

Jorge Hinojosa MD
Cash Flow Consultant

Submitted by:

Jorge Hinojosa MD

Retired Physician & Surgeon, dedicated supporter of self improvement programs, of continue development, expanding the mind and knowledge, to achieve new skills. Spread out to a totally new line of work as an internet home base consultant in cash flow, promissory note business. http://www.cashusanotes.com



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