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Creative Hosts Can Cope With Guests On A Diet - Articles Surfing

To quote Martha Stewart about dieting, "The toughest part of a diet isn't watching what you eat. It's watching what other people eat." When a dieter attends a party, he often feels lost on what to eat. Also, many hosts feel lost on what is and isn't appropriate to serve at a party. Do you leave out fat or eliminate carbohydrates? It isn't reasonable to expect a host to know exactly what to serve to satisfy all the latest diet crazes. Instead, a host can set up an environment that focuses more on socializing and less on feasting.

Some of the most popular diets include no carbohydrates or few carbohydrates. For instance, Atkins restricts processed or refined carbs. The South Beach Diet also considers carbohydrates a complete no-no until later in the diet. However, near the last phase, many South Beach dieters can eat "good carbohydrates". In another popular diet, The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet, the dieter can eat carbohydrates once a day as long as they're balanced with other proteins and vegetables.

So what options regarding food are left for the party's hostess? Believe it or not, lots! If you leave out all the prepackaged party finger foods that many times amount to 300 calories in one quick pop, you can create healthy and tasty options for all of your guests - dieting or not. The easiest way to select a spread is start by picking a fun get-together theme. When the emphasis is less on what to eat and more on what your guests can participate in, many dieters feel much more comfortable attending a get-together. Some theme ideas include outdoor leisure activities like Bocce ball, TV show finales and special events, and party games like Bunco or Scavenger Hunts.

To add some pizazz to your foods that might otherwise look blas', try arrangements that add visual appeal. For instance, arrange fruits and vegetables in the shape of a rainbow or other interesting pattern. Also, scoop fruits into fun cups and leave those by the dessert area.

The dessert area is often the most heartbreaking area for a dieter. Many dieters feel deprived and break down to eat the sugar laced treats. Offer some desserts made with sugar replacements like Splenda, which taste just as good as the calorie loaded version. Also, replace candy with naturally flavored shaved ice. Did you know that dark chocolate is now proclaimed as having health benefits? In moderation, of course! Another tip that will benefit us all when serving desserts is to cut the pieces slightly smaller. Then everyone will be happy for those who need more can ask, while those dieting can feel good for only having one piece!

Don't rush your guests through a special meal. When you eat at a slower pace, it's easier to recognize when you are full and are therefore less likely to take more than you need. Stay away from fried or breaded foods and prepare grilled foods or chilled foods like shrimp instead. Soups are a good idea when prepared without starch and with a light hand on the fat. Breads don't have to be left out; however, avoid white breads and stick with multi-grain or wheat.

Hosting a party that will have many guests on a diet can feel a bit overwhelming. However, many wonderful options are available if you first concentrate on a theme and then plan the food around it. Your activities then take priority over swarming over the buffet area in the kitchen. To follow Martha Stewart's advice, "A diet is when you have to go to some length to change your width."

Submitted by:

Michelle Selica

Copyright 2006 Michelle Selica. All rights reserved. Michelle Selica runs Food Diet, helping you find diet related resources. Click here to see her archive of articles: http://www.foodiet.com/archive/.



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