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Financial Independence

Is there a difference between financial independence for women and financial independence for men?

Well that really depends on your definition of financial independence.

Some say that financial independence is working hard throughout your adult life, spending prudently, saving continuously and investing wisely. This is what most of the money-men say and for some people this is a happy route through life for them and their families.

Others say that financial independence is creating alternative income streams away from your day job, that can be easily run after you return home in the evenings and at weekends, and that allow you to spend more time with your loved ones and to travel where and when you desire, without concern for cost. This is a dream that few attain and yet is so desired by many.

On the basis of that definition, there is absolutely no difference between financial independence for women or for men. Having a source of legal income that can be used at will, independently and/or jointly, is not just a pipe-dream. If you believe it is, then your attitude to life has been attacked by negative thoughts, often created within you by those who may love you the most, but don't believe financial independence exists and who take every opportunity to put down your ideas and dreams. They haven't achieved financial independence themselves and so they find it incredibly difficult to encourage others to create alternative income streams.

Beware these negative thoughts from such people - you must believe in yourself and know that with a little help and advice from those that have achieved financial independence already, that it is possible for you to also take some simple steps to removing all your money worries for the future.

Ask yourself these questions: Am I really capable of doing this? Do I have the time available to spend on research and execution of a plan? Is it just too costly to get to the point of financial independence? but don't allow negative thoughts to influence your answers and most importantly ask yourself these two questions: Do I really want financial independence?? and Can I really earn thousands of $/??

Having true financial independence is as much a matter of attitude as finding the right system for you. You need to give yourself permission to earn more money than you have ever dreamt of. It is not a sin to earn large amaounts of money, it is your right to do so! Money is the root of all evil, they say - but hold on there, this is mis-quoted. The true saying is from Timothy, Chapter 6, Verse 10: "For the love of money (and all it buys) placed before the love of God (in reality) is the root of all kinds of evil." It is the love of money that corrupts, not the attainment of money itself. It can be used for both good and evil.

Financial independence then is truly attainable for women and for men, and it is your absolute right to seek and achieve your dreams.

Submitted by:

Pierre Lavelle

Pierre Lavelle is a highly successful business consultant, living in Lisbon, Portugal with his family and practising his right of financial independence.




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