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The Cell Phone Facts You Need to Know - Articles Surfing

The popularity of cellular phones all over the world has simply exploded and you can't go anywhere in the world, not even a poor country that does not even have hot water, where people are not walking around with cell phones. The popularity of these phones is obvious because it makes interpersonal communication significantly easier and faster, however are there any drawbacks to cell phones or even health risks you should be aware of? Of course, when you go buy a cell phone the vendor does not clue you into to anything other than the great benefits, however you should review some of the potential safety issues as well so you know all the benefits and drawbacks to owning a cellular phone.

Is there a Health Risk?

You may have seen on the news or read in the newspaper or even online about possible health risks from using cellular phones. However, to date there is no sound proof that cellular phones can cause health problems. Additionally, there is no sound proof that they do not. Cellular phones emit a radio frequency (RF), albeit small, that are microwaves when the cell phone is in use. Also, when the phone is in standby mode it emits even smaller levels of RF. So, the question is do these low levels of RF waves that are being emitted from the cellular phone produce health hazards? Currently the consensus is no, however it is widely known that high RF waves do cause health problems due to heating of the body's tissues. But, the low level RF emissions are not enough to cause heating of the tissues so it does not cause a health risk, right? This is believed to be true and doctors and researchers are continually looking into the subject to detect whether or not cell phones pose a health risk to users or not. At the moment nothing has been discovered so you should be able to use your cell phone with peace of mind that you are not putting your health at risk.

How Will I Know if there is a Health Risk?

As you probably already know the FDA is responsible for reviewing drugs and health related products to ensure they are suitable for public consumption and use and will not cause additional health problems. At the moment the FDA does not review the safety of cellular phones, although it does have the obligation to do so if it is found certain, or all, cellular phones emit RF to the point of affecting the health of users. Although this has not occurred as of yet the FDA does suggest to cell phone manufacturers that they develop the phone in a way as to reduce and minimize RF to the user. Also, the FDA suggests to cell phone manufacturers that they continue studying any possible health effects that might result from the use of cellular telephones and that they be diligent informing consumers of any possible risks that might exist.

What do the Studies Say?

There have also been a variety of studies completed to determine how RF emissions from cellular phones might affect an individual's health. Studies have been conducted on animals as well as epidemiology studies that do not have conclusive results. The studies on animals had flaws in the way the study was carried out and while exposure to low level RF emissions did show a likelihood to develop cancer in the brain or mouth these animals were already predisposed to developing these types of cancers despite the RF emissions so there is no way a cause and effect relationship can be drawn. Also, the studies had a variety of results that have not been recreated in other studies.

The epidemiolgoy studies did not show a cause and effect relationship between cancer and low lever RF emissions from cell phones for the short term. However, there is no way one can know for sure if the long term use of cell phones is risky or not because no long term studies have been conducted. Of course over time if many individuals start developing brain and mouth cancers after 20 years of talking on the cellular phone then there will be some obvious relationship. However, until the time there is some conclusive evidence as to whether or not cellular phones cause cancer or put an individual at risk for other types of health risks then more studies will be conducted.

What Next?

Studies are continually being conducted to try and determine if there is any relationship between RF emissions and health risks. Time will be one of the biggest factors to determine what, if any, health hazards might be associated with cellular phones. Also, the FDA is working to determine if there are any hazards and if so how to deal with them. If you have a cellular phone and are worried about RF emissions then you might consider using a handset instead of talking on the phone held up to your ear. The reason for this is the farther the cell phone is from your beady the less RF emissions your body will absorb and the less risk, if there is a risk, experienced due to the RF emissions.

This topic is still under debate and probably will be for some time. So, if you are a cell phone user you should do a little research on your own and determine if you believe cell phones pose a risk to your health or not. You can also learn some tricks to reduce the amount of RF emissions and limit your amount of time talking on your cell phone. Regardless, cell phones look like they are here to stay so if there is a health risk researchers need to determine it quickly and fix it so the rest of the world can continue on with their conversations.

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