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A Guide to Grow the Perfect Lawn

There are few basic tips to start growing a beautiful lawn. This article will suggest you the more useful hints to grow the lawn of your dream.

The lawn of your dreams can be obtained with a little effort, a minimal maintenance and some few tools. First you must make a little research about the holistic view of lawn caring.

Basic Information On The Perfect Lawn Caring


It is useful and almost indispensable to know your weather conditions. Harsh weather, abundant rain or snow, windy or dry climates are factors to catch your attention before you take any choice about what to grow.

Soil : very basic factor to know. According to the soil the grass will be encouraged or not. Good soils are rare. Try to balance your soil with the suitable elements. First of all, take a sample of your soil and get it analyzed. When you know its composition, you can go for advice in what your soil need and what kind of grass is the best to grow on it.If it happens lawn soil has a high level of clay, you must know that clay can end up compacting your lawn soil and making harder to work and poorer to grow a good grass.Clay compacting soil can prevent necessary air and basic nutrients flow freely through it.Compacted soil requires aeration. Aeration is removing little small plugs of turf of your grass to let the soil "breath".


Some areas are plagued with moles, voles and other animal that are welcomed to your lawn,there are commercial product that can be sprinkled over your lawn to avoid the animal keep on coming and digging on your lawn.

Weeds and Mowing

Mowing can be the best organic care for getting rid of weeds,if you set you mower high, the grass will be taller and weed be deprived of the vital sunlight so they grow slower and weaker, tending to die,some weeds have a hard resistance to herbicide and you will have to pull them by hand out of your garden and gather info about the weeds on you area and this will save you time and money to solve this problem.

Other basics about lawn caring are proper fertilizing and adequate raking,prefer organic fertilizer but don't abuse of nitrogen fertilizer, they can aid not only your grass but some lawn invaders like dollar spot and brown patches.

Raking is good to keep your lawn clean and free of organic material, raking in fall and spring is very good measure and thatch must be removed soon, otherwise it will act depleting nutrients from soil as the weeds do.


Correct watering of your soil according to season and kind of soil and grass is crucial to keep your lawn healthy, too much water or less than the needed may damage your grass

Recommendation For A Perfect Lawn

For a perfect lawn, complete information must be collect before the beginning of the process,specially about lawn, grass and seeds, then it will be wise to look around for advice if you don�t feel quite comfortable making your search there are many people who can suggest you how to do it and where to search, so relatives, friends and people who are related by their work by their hobby to gardening business may help you to reach your goal.

Submitted by:

Mr.Andrew Caxton

Andrew Caxton is the journalist of consumer websites, who has written more articles on lawn care for http://www.lawn-mowers-and-garden-tractors.com. A website with tips on lawn grass seed and plant grass seeds.


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