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Composting, Fun for the Whole Family

Home composting is one of the best ways to cut down on waste going into our overtaxed landfills.

Food waste, leaves, and grass clippings contributes a huge 24% of solid waste in our landfills. As these materials break down in a landfill situation, they produce Methane Gas, an explosive GreenHouse Gas. This can leach through the ground and affect surrounding residential or business areas. This solid waste also takes years to breakdown, rather than months in a composter.

In a composting situation not only will this matter break down faster, more efficiently and non-toxically, it also has many benefits to our environment.

What you can and should compost:

Cardboard Rolls, Clean Paper, Coffee Grounds, Coffee Filters, Eggshells, Fruits, Veggies, Tea Bags, Nut Shells, Cotton Rags, Dryer Lint, Vacuum Cleaner Lint, Fireplace Ashes, Grass Clippings, Hair, Fur, Houseplants, Leaves, Sawdust, Shredded Newspaper, Wood Chips, Wool Rags, Shrub and Perennial Trimmings

What Not To Compost:

Charcoal Ashes, Black Walnut Leaves and Branches, Diseased or Insect Infested Plants Fungicides, Pesticides, Insecticides, Dog /Cat Feces or Litter, Dairy Products, Meat/Fish Bones or Scraps, Fats,Grease, Lard or Oil

Did you know Compost Can...

Suppress plant diseases and pests
Reduce and/or eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers
Promote higher yields in vegetable gardens
Stronger, better blooming perennials and shrubs
Removes solids, oils, grease and heavy metals from storm water runoff
Capture and destroy 99% of Industrial Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC's) from the air (a contributor to the destruction of the ozone)

Composting enriches the soil. The natural nutrients of compost help retain moisture and prevent plant diseases and infestations of insects.


Not only does composting reduce/eliminate the need for chemical fertilizers and controls, compost absorbs and eliminates toxic VOC's, heavy metals and prevents them from entering our waterways.

Ok, ok, I know I said Composting, Fun for the Whole Family. As parents we need to teach our kids why we should compost. The info above can help you do just that. Composting needs to be a family habit. Teaching our children or grandchildren good environmental habits will ensure a Greener Future.

A small Compost Bin will get you started. They are economical and don't take up much space. A Compost Pail in your kitchen and some leaves are all you need to get started. Compost Pails are decorative and come with a lid. (An empty coffee can will work too) Just divert your hand from the trash can to the compost pail. An easy transition. Getting the kids involved is the best part. Have them collect stray leaves and twigs in the yard. Make it a game--kids love helping. They also like opening the composter and dumping the compost pail into it. They love to see everything mixed up in there. Contrary to popular belief, composters do not smell and they do not attract flies or other insects. You and your children (grandchildren) will be amazed at the rich, black dirt that comes out. Make sure you add leaves, grass clippings, etc. to balance the food scraps.

It's an easy process. The environment, your yard, your plants, and your children will thank you.

Submitted by:

Vera Pappas

This article may be reproduced and/or distributed for the purpose of education only, and may not be changed in part or whole. This article was written by Vera Pappas, Owner of GreenNationGardens.com, suppliers of unique and eco-friendly garden supplies.


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