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Do It Yourself Landscaping - 6 Must Know Factors For Beginners - Articles Surfing

Designing and growing a beautiful landscape garden around your home is a great experience. Just imagine how it will feel looking around your own beautifully grown and maintained garden, that stays fresh all the day and fills your life with a sense of pride. But before you start let's take a look at some of the key factors that can needs a major decision while executing your garden.

I have tried to list down some of the common points here that need attention prior to starting out landscaping design.

1) Information about plants.

This is quite obvious. You must have a list of plants ready with you. .it is not difficult to create such a list from a catalogue of plants at your local nursery or from the Internet, but the problem is these are the plants that you like, does not mean they are suitable for growth in your garden.

Why is this so? Simply because there are many factors that are responsible for the growth of a plant in your garden, such as direct sunlight, amount of water required, frequency of watering, which compost to use and not to use, doe the plant grow individually or in groups, and many more. So don't choose plants that just look good in photographs, find out something more about their basic requirements.

Also it is important to know the basic structure of plant. For example how tall will it grow after 10 years from now. It should not happen that you have planted a tree and after a few years it is blocking your entire garden entry passage and view from inside of the house.

It's ok if you don't have each and every detail about all the plants. But if you plan for future, the results will be quite satisfactory.

2) Gardening Tools

This is very important aspect of gardening. Growing a landscape garden is not an easy task. I am not discouraging you, but it requires physical hard work and such time gardening tools can save your tremendous energy.

There are many excellent tools available today and also in quite affordable prices. Depending upon what you want to achieve and the expanse your garden you will require different sets of tools. Start with making of list and then short listing the most important ones my deciding priorities.

3) Landscaping Design Styles..

This is not an absolute must, but if you take extra efforts, I bet you can easily compete with the professional designers. Visit your local library or the internet and get an idea of how "design" plays a role in landscaping. When designers talk about "balance", "ambience", "proportions", "vista formation" what exactly are they talking about. All these elements can greatly add value to your garden such that people visiting your garden will always remember it.

4) Landscaping Material..

Again a very basic understanding of landscaping materials along with their costing structure is enough for you. Whey costing is necessary? Because this can have a drastic effect in hoe you execute your garden.

It should not happen that you have personally liked a material, you have seen it at some public garden or at your friend's place and want to use it in your backyard garden but at the last moment the budget doesn't allow you to use it.

5) Executing Your Garden..

Do you know what's the single most important aspect in executing a garden? it's schedule. By schedule I mean what comes first and what comes next. There are various questions to ask.

* When do I start?
* When should I order the plants from the nursery?
* Where should I store them before panting?
* If you are going to use electricity in your garden when should I call the electrician to perform his wiring tasks?
* what about compost bags?
* How many do I need them?
* what about the bags that go unused? and lot more...

Even if you appoint a "landscaping contractor" for this job, you can always use this list to cross examine what he is up to.

6) Maintaining Your Garden..

Maintained is the most important aspect in a garden. Someone has very cleverly said "It is very easy to be first, but it is comparatively harder to keep up the first position". A landscape garden is no different from this.

Look it's simple you are using natures forces to express your creativity, so follow natures rule and you will never fail. there is unlimited potential in nature to easily grow and maintain a beautiful garden on it's own, so shale hands with natures forces and see you dream come true. That's why the first point in this articles is very important. First study what works and what doesn't in your climatic conditions and then safely start to put your dream into reality.

I hope this article was helpful to everybody.

Copyright Shrinivas Vaidya

Submitted by:

Shrinivas Vaidya

Shrinivas Vaidya is the webmaster on http://landscapingdatabse.com If you are interested in making the most out of your landscaping passion, Irecommend you visit my website to find an excellent list of books on Do It Yourself Landscaping. You will be glad you visited.



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