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Doing Your Part With Natural Lawn Care

We have all become more aware of the strains our environment is facing and most people are willing to change their habits to make a difference. Some of the more obvious ways to do this is through recycling, conservation, and charitable support. While these are all great ways to get started, many people overlook lawn care as another opportunity to go green. Here are some simple steps you can take integrate natural lawn care into your lifestyle.

Use a Push Reel Mower
Studies have shown that a single lawn mower produces more air pollution in one hour than a car produces over 1000 miles. Reel mowers don�t emit any air pollution, and many would be surprised how efficient they are. Laser cut blades eliminate a lot of the labor and spotty performance that used to plaque the old fashioned units, and some even offer a bagging accessory. If you need a little more power to get through a larger lawn, then opt for the electric models which are still significantly more eco-friendly than gasoline engines.

Collect Rain Water
Water is a very scarce resource in some areas, especially during the summer season. You can help conserve water and lower your utility bills by investing in a rain barrel. These plastic tubs are placed near the perimeter of your home to collect rain, and many have hose attachments to make it easy to redistribute the water to your plants.

Build a Compost Bin
Compost bins help you recycle your lawn debris into a fertilizer-rich compound. Some people mistakenly believe that generating compost is a major chore. The truth is that all you have to do is turn the compost every few weeks to ensure it degrades properly. Mother Nature does the rest with a natural supply of heat and moisture. Not only will you make good use of your debris, but you plants will benefit from the rich nutrients that compost returns to the earth.

Use Natural Fertilizers and Pesticides
Synthetic fertilizers contain thousands of chemicals and poisons that negatively affect the organisms that come into contact with them. It is unfortunate that not enough people know about the alternatives to chemical lawn treatments. There are many books available with recipes for natural lawn fertilizers that are not only safe for the environment, but they usually less expensive than retail products. Interestingly enough, many can be made with common items from your local grocery store.

There are many ways to integrate natural lawn care into your lifestyle, and very few of them require much time or effort on your part. Even if you can�t utilize all of the suggestions in this article, it is important to do as much as you can. Every change that you make today could save a small niche of the environment for our children. Visit http://naturallawnfertilizers.com for more inspiration on ways to use organic lawn recipes in the maintenance of your yard.

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Xavier Gallery

Natural Lawn Fertilizers is the first step for lawn enthusiasts who want to grow a beautiful organic lawn.


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