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5 Unorthodox Fat Burning Tips

If you are looking for a few unorthodox methods for losing weight, you've come to the right place. Not only do these methods work, but you won't find them anywhere else. So what are they:

1. Staple your good arm to your side.

Believe it or not, but if you force yourself to eat with your non-dominant hand, you tend to focus more on "what" you are eating. Plus, since you'll probably end up missing your mouth once or twice, you'll eat slower, which helps to prevent over-eating.

2. Glue headphones to your ears.

Most people waste time during their workouts and miss out on many compound effects. If you are working out in a club, "headphones" signify the "I'm too in to my workout, don't bother me" person. Have you noticed that these people happen to be in the best shape as well. It's no coincedence.

3. Shrink your stomach.

Doctors perform stomach stapling operations for one reason - they work! But, do you have to get this life changing operation to take advantage of the benefits. Absolutely not. The whole point of the operation is to "force" the patient to begin eating small, frequent meals. People see good results with the operation so, why don't we just read between the lines and go ahead and do what we need to do?

4. Align yourself with track stars.

Okay, not the steroid using ones. Seriously though, work out with people that are in better shape than you are. Not only will you get to experience the types of workouts, that have gotten these people into phenomenal shape, but you'll also be able to work with a person who is where you want to be. This person will "pull" you toward the results you crave. But, don't worry, because since they will be seen as a role model, they'll tend to work out harder as well - so they don't let you down.

5. You gotta pay to play.

Most people skimp when it comes to buying good shoes, workout clothes and music. Don't. The reason people do this is so they won't feel bad when they decide to quit on themselves. Where's the reasoning here? If you'll feel bad for quitting on yourself because you've spent a few bucks - then bygolly, spend more! Now, I'm not advocating that you buy the latest technogadget but most people only become "in it to win it" when their wallet reflects the same notion. Not many people will tell you this because it's counterinituitive, but it's the truth.

So there you go, 5 easy changes to maximize your workouts and increase your results. Give them a go and if they don't help you on your way to becoming "lean and mean", I'll sew my fingers together so I can't type any more of this "nonsense".

Submitted by:

Brad Howard

Brad Howard's fitness blog, "The Mind Over Body Matter Letter" delves into the "meat and potatoes" of all of the misinformation generated by the diet and fitness industry today.



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