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Adult ADD: Secrets to a Carefree Mind - Articles Surfing

Do you suffer from ADult ADD (Adult Attention Deficit Disorder)? Does this sound like you?

You open up the planner to read the joke of the day and forget the rest of it. You can't remember where you're going because you put in on a sticky note, and you put it on a note card over here, and then you lost it. It's on paper everywhere, but you can't find the paper!

You definitely need to plug into things that work for you based on how your brain works when you have adult ADHD.

Don't be a sticky note person because you probably have a serious issue with cluttering things up. Try to make things really clean, neat, and organized, and let that be the way you are.

If you don't put things back where you find them, or if you have myriad things that you need to do, then put everything in one place where you can see it all at once.

One program that can help is Time & Chaos, and you should use it on a regular basis, and it has some very cool features. You can look at all of your to-do things from three months back, if there are still things that are not done yet. You'll see the complete list of to-do items. You can look at your calendar, your appointments for the day, and even see a list of contacts with phone numbers, all on one screen at one time.

You can also set this little window to pop up in front of any program that you're working on, five minutes, 10, or 20 minutes before your next appointment, and you'll hear an alarm. A window pops up iand it says, 'Ding. In 10 minutes you have a meeting with Stephanie.' Then, you can wrap up the email you're working on, or get off the phone.

Or, let's say you're a work-at-home, or stay-at-home mom for example, and you have kids. How are you going to keep your schedule straight? How are you going to remember when your spouse is coming home from work that day (if they come home at different times), when the kids have different appointments, and you're trying to make progress in your business all at once?

One really great way to do that is to schedule in your appointments.

But you may have a problem with scheduling in a physical planner or any type of time management system where you have to write the same thing down every day. It's much better to use a technology-based solution, where you can put in your appointments and set up reminders to recur every week for the next 12 weeks

Every week or so, if you want to keep it interesting, be sure to change the alarm sound, so you get a different sound every seven days or so in order to grab your attention. After a certain amount of time, you may start tuning out that alarm. Find one that just won't let you forget..

The major point is that time bends. Literally, time bends! We think it's steady, but it's not actually steady. You can play around with this and you can joke about it, but at the end of the day, if you learn how to master time and how to shape it and form it like a piece of clay, it's very powerful. It's amazing!

There are only three different types of energy that you can use to accomplish something in your life and one of those is time, one is money, and one is physical energy. What if you were focused on making time?

Ask yourself, 'Okay, right now it's early in the day. Is what I'm doing right now the best use of my time in order to leverage the rest of the day?' When you get really good at this, you start thinking about leveraging the rest of the week, and leveraging the rest of the month, even leveraging the rest of the year.

Though your ADD may cause you to ignore the routine of organizing your life, it's the only way you'll succeed. Schedule your tasks and appointments and get rid of the clutter. Control your time and never let it control you.

Submitted by:

Tellman Knudson

Tellman Knudson, certified Hypnotherapist and ADD driven, is CEO of Overcome Everything, Inc and Hyperfocus. Find more great information about ADD/ADHD at InstantADDSuccess.com (http://instantaddsuccess.com).



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