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The immune system of a person with an allergy tries to battle allergens. It looks upon the limited driftwood of everyday life house dust, pollen, animal dander, and mold as outsiders that are sure to do some dreadful damage.

What Are the Culprits of Allergies?

In order to recognize and capture these strangers, it is influential that people know who the culprits are. They should try to enlighten themselves on how allergies work and what causes them because these are the only means to obtain the explanation to the problem.

Allergies in Atlanta are terrible. I know bountious friends/colleagues that have never had allergy problems until they moved to Atlanta. Allergies are agitated reactions of the immune system to certain foreign substances to the human body. These stuffs are known as allergens.

Allergens are then classified into four categories based on where they have come from. By knowing these four classifications of allergens, an individual could identify where he is allergic.

The four classifications of allergens are objective, biological, mental, and chemical. All of these four resources of allergens trigger even the slightest allergy in the human body. There are some people that heavily react to these allergens while others do not even envision they are having an allergic attack.

The elementary classification of allergens is objective. Here, allergens can come from technological devices such as infrared, microwaves and radio, atomic radiation, noticable light, X-rays, ultraviolet light, etc.

The allergens that can be derived from these sources would bring on an allergic reaction to an individual who responds whenever they get in contact with any of these devices.

The second classification is the biological sources. Allergens can be derived from infections, food and beverages, plant and animal proteins, etc.

In this classification, biological sources are the outstanding resource of allergens. Usually, the known culprits are the animal proteins in the animal dander or flakes of lifeless skin, urine, or saliva of the animal. These proteins are usually spread throughout the house wherever a pet roams.

You have to consdier that even if there is no cat present in the room, a person who is allergic to these kinds of allergens will have an allergy attack because of the remains of the animal's proteins.

The next classification is the allergens that come from mental sources. The allergy attack usually happens when the allergens are too excessive that it devastates the immune system. Moreover, it is having difficulty to cope with its normal function.

It should come as no surprise that excessive emotions can also trigger an asthma attack, a known infirmity caused by allergies.

The last classifications are those that come from chemical assets. There are people who are allergic to some types of medications. That is why it is extremely vital to test the product premier before administering it to the patient to avoid deeper earnest problems that might even basis mortality.

Knowing all of these causes of allergies is definitely influential in order to avoid further problems. The basic step in preventing contact with the numerous allergens is to figure out what they are.

After figuring them out, the next step is to stay away from them as much as possible. Ignorance of allergies and allergens will definitely determinant resolute trouble, especially if the problem is really risky.

This should be determined because there are people who are not yet aware what causes their allergies. There are also instances wherein they do not know that allergens are already present in their home, and they do not know how to resist them.

For this reason, it is also vital to submit a person for allergy testing, especially those who are showing detectable signs of allergic reaction. This is when an allergy test can yield much useful counsel.

Normally, if a person is having persistent allergic prognostics, but he cannot isolate the allergen, it is a good idea to see an allergist, get tested, and find out what the allergens are. In this way, people can easily obtain out what causes their allergy and settle the problem.

Submitted by:

Hamza Davis

Hamza Davis is a top distributor with Juice Plus. He is committed to promoting health and wellness. To receive greater information, please visit http://www.iluvjuiceplus.com



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