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As most of us are aware one of the major focuses in our society today is anti aging and anti aging remedies, and anything we can get our hands on to retain a youthful look.

Of course aging is inevitable but we'd all like to do so gracefully and find ways to retain of our youthful appearance and presence. There are many products to assist in this quest including many herbs and nutrients that we can use to restore and keep our healthier and more youthful looking skin. Following an anti aging skin care strategy and an overall health strategy can not only help you look better but also add years to your life.

If we look at the approach of a herbalist and use a more holistic, or whole body approach we can approach this issue by not only treating the symptom but also look at the cause. A herbalist will usually recommend herbs or the parts of plants that would treat any condition from the inside out. This same principle can be applied to problems of the skin since your skin will typically reflect the issues from within.

As we age our age skin starts loosing elasticity. We also start developing wrinkles and the skin starts to look dull and not as vibrant as it did when we were younger. Although there are many factors to contribute to this including the stress put on our skin by the sun and other factors, we can significantly reduce the signs of aging and in some cases even reversed them.

If we are paying attention to our nutritional intake we will know how essential that is to any anti aging strategy. One must realize that since we, as a society, need to product large quantities of food for the masses that commercial growing practices are not producing products to provide us all the nutrients your body needs for optimum health. That is why I believe that additional supplements are necessary to ensure adequate nutrition for your body and your skin.

There are many important nutrients that you can add to your nutritional intake that can aid in helping your skin and body look and feel better. Some of the anti-oxidants nutrients you can add to your any anti aging skin care program are Vitamins A, C, and E. These anti-oxidants, in correct proportions and sufficient quantity, will restore elasticity and give you a smoother, softer appearance to your skin. Zinc also plays an important role, in optimizing the assimilation or absorption of these nutrients.

Many of these same nutrients can be applied topically. Appling vitamin E oil topically to crows feet, your forehead, lip lines, and other problem areas for remarkable results. Because vitamin E is sticky, it is best to apply at bedtime, and will be fairly well absorbed by morning. There are also many other products that contain these other anti-oxidant that can be applied directly to the skin to keep your skin nourished and moisturized. Cocoa butter and coconut oil are also excellent anti aging moisturizer. Appling these nutrients to your skin on a daily basis will bring you wonderful results.

The other suggestion I'd make is to stay active and exercise regularly. Exercise increases your oxygen intake and improves blood flow and circulation. Theses bodily effects will have a positive effect on your health and its anti aging effects will be visible on your skin. Appling these anti aging strategy are not difficult or time consuming and in just a few minutes each day it can works wonders and end up adding to better health and better looking healthier skin.

Copyright 2006 Douglas Alp

Submitted by:

Douglas Alp

This article has been brought to you by Douglas Alp from MyCompletelife.com. Douglas is in pursuit of the complete life which beings with optimal health at the core and is the foundation for a great abundant life. You can visit his site at http://www.mycompletelife.com to find other great resources and sign up for your free newsletter to assist you to building a healthy and vibrant body and mind in pursuit of your complete life.



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