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Processed Food Is Making You Fat And Sick

The dirty little secret of the processed food companies that they hope we never find out is that: THE CHEMICALS FROM THEIR FOOD ARE DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR CREATING EXCESS BODY FAT.

But if it's low calorie or low fat how can this be?

This is how it happens.

Your liver is basically your toxin filter but it is also the number one organ responsible for metabolism and fat burning. The thing is that it can't do both at once. Even the average person who eats what they consider to be 'pretty good' is often ingesting a lot of chemicals from their food (let alone from personal care products and their environment and that's another story that we also cover). Now, if your liver is constantly trying to detoxify your body, what is it NOT doing? Yep, that's right - it's NOT burning fat and regulating your metabolism.

Now the problem is that we have to eat every day and several times a day at that. If your food is not 'clean' then chances are you will be ingesting a cocktail of chemicals several times per day. Your liver can only do so much toxin filtering so what happens when it gets over run by so many nasty chemicals that it can't process them all? It has to store them somewhere. Where? Well, inside the body you have all these important vital organs that are critical to survival and maintaining life so let's not put the chemicals there. Instead, let's put them on the outside and since many of them are acidic and harmful, we're going to have to insulate them in something. Hmm, let's put a nice thick layer of fat around them and store the excess chemicals from processed food that way.

The chemicals from processed food will make you fat, period. Learning how to follow a simple plan to avoid them is critical to your success. Once you also discover for yourself the gory details of what toxins will do to your body and how they will cripple your best efforts in the gym, you will move to a whole new level of understanding. Having this in depth knowledge makes the day-to-day decisions that create a lean muscular body easier because you will know how much making the wrong choices will sabotage all you from getting the body you desire.

Submitted by:

Ben Kong

Ben Kong is the author and co-creator of Ultimate Body Success - The Impossible To fail, Total Lifestyle System For Creating Your Best Body Ever.

Ultimate Body Success is dedicated to helping you finally understand that long lasting, body transformation is only possible when you understand how the body really works - only then can you trigger it's very own natural system for creating your best body ever. While there are no short-cuts, this is THE EASIEST WAY.

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