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Rest for the Weary

Judging by the commercials I see on TV everyday, there may be a few American's who have a little trouble winding down to sleep at night. Those Prescription medications probably work, but pay attention to the warnings that soothing voice is telling you about and imagine how much money you'll be paying to have those scary conditions!

Of course, there are much gentler and safer ways to get some sleep. When I was in my 20's. Way, WAY, back when I was in my 20's and just starting out in the world I took a job at a Mobile Gas Station on the graveyard shift. It was about all I was qualified to do at the time. If you've ever found yourself working a graveyard shift you are aware of how precious a thing 8 continuous hours of sleep can be.

Trying to sleep during the day is difficult to do because your whole life has taught your body to think of darkness as rest and recuperation time and daylight as activity time. To switch that around is asking a lot from your body and some folks who want to, or HAVE to, make that change for work, do whatever it takes to make it work. Some of those choices may not be optimum for your overall wellness, to put it mildly!

True Confessions: This is just between you and me, and if you ever tell anyone I said this I'll deny it! Back then when I was on the graveyard shift, I used to buy a big bottle of Mogen-David 20/20 (fortified table wine) on the way home from work every day and polish it off while the rest of the country was having breakfast. MD 20/20's nick-name on the street was "Mad Dog" and for good reason! The stuff tastes awful, but your taste buds will forgive you when you realize how drunk you get and how quickly you get there.

I'd sleep really well for about 5-6 hours, then get up and smoke pot with my friends for a few hours, go back to work and start over. Hey, I was 20 and, like any other 20 year old, I was invincible! I do NOT recommend this approach for anyone, ever; particularly as a long-term solution. I'm pretty sure I don't have to tell you why!

Over the years since then I developed an effective sleep aid that worked for me, and most of the household, on the few occasions when THEY needed it. It's a tea made with equal parts Lobelia, Hops and Valerian. I had learned that each has relaxing properties and that Lobelia has the added affect of being a cleansing diuretic as well. If you have bladder issues, you can replace the Lobelia with Chamomile for almost identical effect without the diuretic result. I use Lobelia because of the extra benefit.

These are powerful herbs! You won't need to use very much of any of these herbs and if the taste is a little bitter for your pallet, add some milk. Not only does the milk mellow the taste, it also has relaxing properties of its own. One good cup of this mixture should have you off to dreamland in a matter of a few minutes.

I don't ordinarily recommend "Conventional" drugs like you find at pharmacies or drug stores, but when it comes to sleep aids there is one that I can recommend without guilt. It's called Diphenhydramine and it is the active ingredient in Benardyl. You will also find it in Sominex and Tylenol PM. The dosage in these products is 25-50 mgs and the drug should not be taken in dosages any higher than that. In high doses it is known to cause severe disorientation but in proper dosage it is not only effective but completely safe.

I learned about Diphenhydramine from my conventional Health Care Provider when I had Hepatitis A in the early 90's. He said it would help with itching and that it bypasses the liver. A very good thing when you have hepatitis. It also put me to sleep and that's when I did a little more research on it.

Diphenhydramine is a "First Generation" (Old School) antihistamine and is generally used for relief of the symptoms of any kind of allergy. The other use in it's dual purpose is as a sleep aid. So far as my research has concluded, no known side effects exist with proper dosage and it is not shown to be the least bit habit forming. With all that going for it, I feel comfortable offering it to you as an option if my tea doesn't do the trick.

Melatonin is a natural amino acid produced by your body it starts churning up in your system when it's time to go to sleep. It's soothing properties are used extensively as a sleep aid. Basically, you are adding to your system the very substance your body produces to help you go to sleep and stay asleep. You'll find it as a dietary supplement at most grocery or drug stores and, of course, at my website. It's All Natural, non-habit forming and also shows no side effects when taken in recommended doses.

The reason I mention this one last is because, in my experience, some people's systems reverse the standard effects of Melatonin and it causes them sleeplessness. It's not for everyone. If you're NOT one of those folks, it can be another naturally safe and useful tool in your new arsenal of sleep aids.

Proper amounts of recuperative sleep are critical to your good health. I'm sure you've been deprived of sleep before and you know well how it feels to be "Punch-Drunk" from loss of sleep. Sleep deprivation is used as a form of torture, for crying out loud! Now you have some tools at your disposal that can enhance your good health while helping you get the rest you need. Sweet Dreams!

For more information on All Natural Alternative medicines Including Melatonin, Diphenhydramine, Hops, Lobelia and Valerian please visit my website at http://www.gonatures.com we'll be happy to fix you right up!

Much Love,

Submitted by:

Gregory Franklyn

Gregory Franklyn is a 50 something native of Detroit who currently calls the Pacific Northwest his home. He has studied and applied Natural and Alternative remedies for common ailments for over 15 years. He currently operates a website dedicated to information and products that naturally enhance the human body's ability to heal itself. Franklyn is NOT a medical health professional and focuses on Alternative medicines http://www.gonatures.com


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