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Staying Focused on Your Diet While on Holiday

How to travel and still lose weight

Being on a diet while you are travelling seems to be a difficult task for many people. In fact, some people use holiday time as an excuse to forget the diet and just eat what they want. The problem is they usually return home to find they have not only not lost weight but have gained some of what they already lost. There are ways you can have fun on your holiday trips and still lose weight.

Make Sensible Food Choices

When you are travelling you do not have to use that as an excuse to throw your diet into the waste bin. Even when you eat three meals out every day, you can stay on your weight loss program by making sensible choices. That doesn�t mean you can�t occasionally have something special as long as you plan for it. Some of the things you may want to consider include the following:

� Do not have a big breakfast every day. Being on holiday doesn�t mean your daily breakfast should consist of pastries, donuts, and three course meals. Even if you attend a buffet, you can choose fruits, whole grain cereals with skim milk, or yoghurt.

� Even if you are not a breakfast eater, make it a point to have something even if it�s whole wheat toast with a little butter or jam. You will snack less during your time out if you eat three meals a day.

� Don�t feel you have to eat everything on your plate simply because you �paid for it.� Some restaurants provide portions that are too large�consume only enough so that you feel full and not overstuffed.

� Choose healthy items from the menu. Every restaurant has some selections that are healthier than others. Lunch may be a salad with a little dressing while dinner may consist of grilled chicken or fish. Avoid making a routine out of greasy and high-calorie foods.

Get Plenty of Exercise

Depending where you go for your holiday, you may have to plan for your activities. It�s easy enough to exercise while on holiday even if you don�t do anything but walk. Many people travel and have a tendency to jump in the car or taxi for short trips that can be accomplished on foot. Even if you can�t travel on foot, if you are using public transportation, you will likely get the exercise you need by walking provided you don�t ride to every single stop.

If the weather is nice, spend time in the park and other places where you can walk rather than ride to your destination. Whenever possible exit your car or the train or bus farther away from your destination and walk the rest of the way. When you are shopping, make it a point to walk between the stores rather than getting into the car or on a bus. Finally, make sure your trip includes plenty of activities that will allow you to burn off the calories from the meals you consume.

Limit Your Alcohol Intake

Alcoholic beverages are very high in calories, yet many people who don�t drink any other time do so when they are on holiday. Whether it�s because they are not driving or are more relaxed is of little difference. You can enjoy a glass of wine with dinner or a drink later, but you need to limit how much you drink. Do not get into the habit or drinking two or three drinks every night while you are enjoying your holiday or you will put on extra pounds by the time you return home.

Submitted by:

Mary Watson

Mary Watson writes weight loss, diet plan, health, beauty and general well-being articles for the Slim Eazy website at http://www.slimeazy.com


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