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Collectibles Anyone?

A collectible is commonly defined as a manufactured itemdesigned for people to collect, but they can also includenatural objects, such as butterflies and items manufacturedfor purposes other than collecting, such as stamps.Sometimes objects designed for other purposes become sopopular among collectors that they are marketedspecifically to that audience. Star Wars action figures arean example of this phenomenon.

Back in the "old days" certain toys and action figures wereput in with products and an incentive to buy that product.The longer these "incentive toys" are around the chance fora secondary market is available to sale these items. Wholeseries of things are created by a company just to raisethe excitement among collectors and boost sales of theirproducts because they know that real collectors will justabout go to any means to collect a whole series ofcollectibles.

Usually the first series of a product that is made commandsa higher price in the future. Depending on what thecollectible is will tell whether it is a good financialinvestment or not. Paintings by famous painters dead oralive may be good money investments. Other itemsare made collectible only because there may have been sofew of them made or maybe many were made but not very welltaken care of so now there's not so many. Some items likethese commands a phenomenal amount of money it all dependson how much a person is willing to pay for something.

Depending on who you ask collectible items mean differentthings to different people. Ask a non-collector whatcollecting something mean to them and they will probablygive you a text-book answer. Ask a true collector whatcollection means to them you probably should not have to beanywhere anytime soon because collectors have been know tobe long winded.

Collectibles usually have an emotional tie to the personcollecting who collects something that is very special tothem. Non-collectors probably feel that collecting anythingis a waste of time and money. However, true collectors,most of them anyway have a soft spot for what they collectand probably have a special reason for collecting thethings they do. No matter what collectors have a real softspots for what and why they collect what they do and noamount of money on the planet can take that away from them.

Submitted by:

Dianne Cranzle

Dianne Cranzle runs the website and writes for Fleer Collectible which a site dedicated to researching Collectible related topics and contains all the very latest Collectible news and views. Please visit http://www.fleercollectible.com if you have any questions or comments concerning this article.


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