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DENS MODEL SHIPS - http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com .This web site contains models of ships, that are all handcrafted, through hundreds of hours of labor to bring realistic scale to the ship. Each ship is unique in its own way, consistency of wood, rigging, labor, and craftmanship. The ships are 100% scratch built, thousands of pieces, put together piece by piece, no model kits, and no store bought parts. The materials used in these models are, wood, wire, threads, and Sculpy used for the sails, and the guild work (gold).

Here is some photos of some of my finished models that are for sale.

NOAHS ARK MODEL : http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/album/NOAHS%20ARK%20MODEL/images/c617c1e56b6809cd3ca924501223e4d2_11550917090/:album?css=/lib/style/trebuchet.css&css=/lib/style/type_album.css

SCALED NOAHS ARK MODEL: http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/1.shtml/Scaled%20Model%20of%20Noahs%20Ark

NOAHS ARK DIORAMA: http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/1.shtml/%20%22%20NOAHS%20ARK%20DIORAMA%20%22

USS CONSTELLATION MODEL: http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/album/%20U.S.S.%20CONSTELLATION/images/a02634d2f88a98c29d587cdcb70ba321_11368304500/:album?css=/lib/style/trebuchet.css&css=/lib/style/type_album.css

MODEL SHIP STORE: This store is where these models can be purchased or ordered. http://nauticalgifts.redtienda.net

DENS MODEL SHIP SHOP: We sell our model ships on gifts such as, Posters, T-Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Clocks, Steins, Coasters, Infant Apparel, Hats, Stickers, Magnets, Buttons, Stamps & more. http://www.cafepress.com/densmodelshop

THIS IS THE MODEL THAT I AM CURRENTLY WORKING ON. The model is 100% SCRATCH BUILT, MADE OUT OF CHESTNUT WOOD, CUSTOM MADE. MUSEUM QUALITY, CLASS A, 1-OF-A-KIND... This ship is still in working progress and will be finished by December 2006. The scale of this ship is 1/96 so it would be 168' long x 42' wide, and draws 21' of water. The model is 21" long x 5" wide, and 5" high mid-ship. And has 5 different deck levels. Click here to view some large photos of it,- http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/album/New%20British%20Ship%20in%20Working%20Progress/images/8cb0725d7cf354e7fb1b9b8ea190263b_11364334610/:album?css=/lib/style/trebuchet.css&css=/lib/style/type_album.css

ABOUT THE SHIPS: All the ships are Plank on Frame construction (hollow hulls) http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/album/New%20British%20Ship%20in%20Working%20Progress/images/a1e8f0c07be63607f78f07c4bee79340_11364258050/:album?css=/lib/style/trebuchet.css&css=/lib/style/type_album.css#. The ships are made from all types of woods, which are: Cherry, Walnut, Chestnut, Mahogany, Oak, Pine, and other exotic woods. The scale in these models are 1/96 and 1/192. The rigging on some of these ships are also hand made, by using my custom ROPEWALK- http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/1.shtml/RopeWalk .

FREE ROPEWALK PLAN: http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/2.html

POWERED ROPEWALK: Easy Ropewalk http://s67.photobucket.com/albums/h291/MODELSHIPCONSTRUCTION/Easy%20Ropewalk/?sc=3

BUILDING TECHNIQUES: Some of my techniques for building my model ships, would be using a modeling compound called (Sculpey) for some of my guild details, click here- http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com/album/New%20British%20Ship%20in%20Working%20Progress/images/0fc7a1613ac199cbc695bdf13f43c947_11364345530/:album?css=/lib/style/trebuchet.css&css=/lib/style/type_album.css. It is a modeling compound bought at the hobby shops. It comes in a square block, almost like clay but it doesn't get hard until baked. First I take the raw material, shape it by hand how I want it, fit it to the ship, carefully take it off, bake it, glue it on, and then paint it gold. To carve these pieces out of wood, I would not paint them because it would take away the wood work. But when I paint the guilded work gold I use the compound. Its almost like plastic and it works great. This compound is used for all my gold work on my model ships. I also use it sometimes for the sales, flags, and the dead-eyes.

WOOD WORK TECHNIQUES: As far as the wood work goes, I first take the raw wood ( board ) to the table saw to cut everything that I need. Then from there the rest of the pieces are cut with the scroll saw and a executive knife. No dowels are used on these model, the mast are cut square then I rasp the corners and sand until round. For all the round spindle wood work I use a drill as my lathe, then I use my files to shape and sand the parts that I need. No store bought pieces or parts, or factory cut wood, all 100% handcrafted. The raw materials that I use are, wood, Sculpey, wire, and thread. LATHE WORK: I don't have a lathe, and I don't use dowels, the drill is my lathe for the small parts. For the masts I take the board and cut it on the table saw into squares 1/4" x 1/4" then I rasp the corners and hand sand round. And the round spindles on the deck, I put the 1/8" round stock into my drill chuck, then I cut and sand with the files to get the shape that I want.

Contact Information - densmodelships@zoomshare.com

Submitted by:

Dennis Holmes

Dennis Holmes
My hobby of building ships has been around 12 years. It started from a simple interest and simple ship building but has grown into a love of building these ships, as has my skills over the years. I really enjoy seeing other peoples craftsmanship on web-sites, which made me want my own website. My hobby has turned into making and selling my ships. DENS MODEL SHIPS- http://www.densmodelships.zoomshare.com



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