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History of Diabolos

The mere mention of the name “diabolo” raises eyebrows when mentioned to any Spanish speaker because the word, “diablo” means “Devil” and has a Latin origin. Let’s clarify that the origins of the name of this great toy are from the Greek words meaning “through” and “throw” or dia and bollo respectively.

The Diabolo has been mentioned in Chinese literature consistently since the third century. The Chinese are known developed their own version of the diabolo that whistles. Hence the Diabolo is also known as the Chinese Yo-Yo.

The European version of the Diabolo was introduced at the world fair just after 1900 and became popular soon thereafter.

What is a Diabolo

A European diabolo is an hour-glass shaped toy that is balanced horizontally on a string which is tied to two handsticks. The player moves the handsticks so that the diabolo spins. As the diabolo spins on the string the diabolo can be maneuvered to perform many amazing tricks. 

The diabolo can be thrown up in the air and caught on the string, it can be tossed in order to land on the hand stick while spinning (grind). It can be tossed around and around a leg, arm or neck. It can even be thrown 20 feet in the air and caught on the string (with the diabolo player doing a 360 while waiting for it to land back on the string). 

Let’s Get Started

The great thing about diabolos is that it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get started. We recommend the Millenium Diabolo and a pair of wooden hand sticks to start with. This way you are getting a good diabolo that serve you well as you increase your skill. 

When you are more experienced, do the following:

1. Upgrade your handsticks. Your performance will improve instantly. Either the Henry’s Aluminum, Energy, or the Extreme handsticks are great for beginners through professionals. 

2. Learn new tricks by looking at our diabolo tricks section, watching videos on utube.com or buying a video from our other diabolo accessories section.

3. Next, buy a professional-level diabolo. The Finesse Diabolo is a great diabolo because you can add on many great accessories. There are lights, balance weights, finger grinding inserts, and lots more. Many of the performers use this model and are able to wield two or three at a time and even pass them back and forth to other performers.

Diabolo Manufacturers

While diabolos look similar, very minor differences can affect the usability of the diabolo. 

DO NOT COMPRIMISE ON QUALITY WHEN BUYING A DIABOLO. Even a slight variation in the following proportions can make a huge difference:

Height, weight, diameter, angle of axle, density of material, and distribution of weight.

As a result, only a few manufacturers have been able to establish a reputation for high quality diabolos. On YoSpin.com, we have researched and offered you diabolos that are of the highest quality so that you won’t be disappointed.

We feature Mister Babache diabolos. Their Swiss-made diabolo line is consistently of the highest quality. They produce a number of popular diabolo models — some of which include the Finesse, Millennium and Rubberking.

Choose a Diabolo

When selecting a diabolo, consider size, weight and materials. Most people use plastic or rubber diabolos.

Medium Diabolos

Generally speaking, medium is the most popular size. Medium diabolos are 4 or so inches. This is a great sized diabolo for kids and beginners as well as experienced diabologists and it works very well for most diabolo tricks. Medium diabolos are around four inches in diameter and weigh seven ounces.

Large Diabolos

The larger diabolos are good for performers because the diabolos are more visible to the audience. They are a bit more impressive. Of course with size comes weight, and arm fatigue. The Finesse is a great large diabolo because it is made from a special material which is lighter.

We highly recommend Mr. Babache’s Finesse if you’re purchasing a larger more advanced diabolo. You’ll see lots of professionals with these models. The Finesse spins nicely and works well for tricks. It has added weight on the outer rim for stability. It is also EXPANDABLE meaning that you can accessorize it with flashing lights, stability weights, and or a center handpiece for finger grinds.

Small Diabolos

A small diabolo (under 4 inches) is actually better for advanced users. It is more challenging because it is smaller. 

Choose Your Handsticks

Beginners should start with standard diabolo handsticks made of hardwood with holes in the ends for string simply because they are very inexpensive.

Moderate to advanced users really need aluminum, Lucite, or carbon handsticks such as the Henry’s, Extreme, or Energy.


This is a great medium sized discovery level starter diabolo. It is a REALLY good bang for the buck. This is a well balanced, fast spinning diablolo that is made with great proportions. It is light weight, yet balanced really well. It can keep you well equipped through intermediate level diabolo tricks.

Radius 102 mm
Length 115 mm
Weight 165 gr

3 Orange
4 Red
5 Yellow
6 Blue
7 Green
9 Pink


The glow-in-the-dark version of the regular Millenium medium sized discovery level line diabolo. Like it’s sister, it is an outstanding medium-sized diabolo from Mr. Babache, the Millenium Phosphorous is made of plastic and glows in the dark. It’s lightweight, affordable and mesmorizing to watch in the dark. 

Radius 102 mm
Length 115 mm
Weight 165 gr
0 Phospho


The Millenium Rainbow is the two-toned version of the regular Millenium medium sized discovery level line. It features one vibrant color on the top and another on the bottom. Available in assorted colors, Mr. Babache’s plastic Millenium Rainbow is resilient and ideally suited for the diabolist who’s just getting started as well as intermediate diabologists.

Radius 102 mm
Length 115 mm
Weight 165 gr


The Galaxy is the largest medium sized discovery level diabolo offered by Mister Babache. It is similar to the Millenium in many ways, but it is bigger. It is a very nice diabolo for the price. The Galaxy is larger yet light-weight enough to reduce the chance of arm fatigue. It is a nice final step for those not quite ready to move into the increased weight and/or size of the performer line offered by Mister Babache.

Radius 120 mm
Length 135 mm
Weight 190 gr
4 Red
5 Yellow
6 Blue
7 Green
9 Pink


The Rubberking is a medium performance level diabolo made from matte durable rubber that will outlast many diabolos. It grinds very well because it has a wider axle. It is comparable to the Henry’s Jazz in that it is a similar size, and made from flexible rubber, however, the Jazz is heavier and more appropriate for a person with strong arms, or the already intermediate to advanced diabologist. The Rubberking is ready for the beginner through advanced user.

Radius 108 mm
Length 125 mm
Weight 200 gr
1 White
2 Black
4 Red
5 Yellow
6 Blue
7 Green
8 Purple
9 Pink


The Finesse Diablolo is a famous model for professional performers and advanced diabologists. Like all diabolos by Mister Babache, the Finesse is precision balanced, but the proportions of this one are even better. 

This new G2 model, constructed from a material called elastomer gives it the uncommon quality of being large, resilliant, and lightweight so that it is causes less fatigue than many large heavy diabolos. 

The Finesse is also proportioned in a different way than most other large diabolos. The cone and the cup are in a straight angle for better maneuvering with the string. Its shorter height allows you to have more control by juggling closer to your body. It has a large diameter and an added lip at the outer rim of the cup to add stability and to catch onto the diabolo for kicking tricks.

Radius 135 mm
Length 130 mm
Weight 245 gr

1 White
3 Orange
4 Red
5 Yellow
6 Blue
7 Green
9 Pink



This finger kit changes the width of the axle on your Finesse so that you can do finger grinds and longer stick grinds. It also helps you catch diabolo throws better.

Although it makes multiple diabolo tricks more unstable, it is an essential accessory for the rest.

EVOLUTION 2 Voltage Splitter for the EVOLUTION 4 rechargeable

This is essential if you have the EVOLUTION 4 to charge two light pieces at one time so that your new light kits don’t get the wrong amount of electricity at once. The Evolution 2 goes in between the transformer and the light kits for the Finesse Diabolo or the light up sticks.

EVOLUTION 3 Weight Kit for the Mister Babache Finesse Diabolo

These weight rings attach onto axle of the Finesse diabolo to give it more stability and speed. It really makes a difference in the performance of your Finesse. It works with all models of the Finesse. If you want to add more than one weight you can. Two weights per package complete with screws for assembling to the Finesse Diabolo.

Comes in two sizes 6g and 10g.

For example: Finesse Diabolo normal weight 247g
with 6g set (2x6g) = 259g
with 10g set (2x10g) = 267g
with 6g & 10g sets (2x6g)+(2x10g) = 279g

EVOLUTION 4 Rechargeable Light Kit for the Finesse Diabolo by Mister Babache

These LED lights can be screwed onto the sides of you Finesse G1, G2, or G3 diabolo to make it light up in the dark. It is an awesome sight. The pack comes complete with a pair of lights, 6 rechargeable batteries (pre-charged) and a custom made screwdriver.

The lights are protected by a strong plastic cover and incorporate an on/off switch plus an easy access jack plug socket.



Mr. Babache’s Energy Classic handsticks are designed for the advanced diabolist who wants a shorter stick and more speed. Made from a clear polycarbonate with cushioned foam hand grips, this stick is quite flexible and gives you increased acceleration.

The energy handsticks material, polycarbonate is a great material to use with a lighter diabolo. These sticks are slick and smooth, so the diabolo can really spin quickly. they are flexible, and

The Mister Babache Energy sticks are great. They are constructed of clear polycarbonate with black, white or neon yellow handgrips. Like the Xtreme handsticks, the Energy comes with detachable end pieces. This makes changing strings and swapping string configurations a breeze.

The polycarbonate construction is designed to give the sticks a bit of flex, which allows for fast acceleration in just a few quick movements. It is a strong material which is great for abuse by children and the demanding jugglers.

Available with black, white or neon yellow grips.

Length and Weight:
13.2 Inch (335 mm) - 2 ounces (57 g).


These state-of-the-art aluminum handsticks from Mr. Babache enable the diabolist to perform precision moves. They are shorter and lighter and feature a new system for attaching the string to prevent fraying. And they glow from top to bottom.


Also made of sturdy aluminum, Mr. Babache’s Energy Extreme Classic features comfortable black handles with clear acrylic to the tips. Diabolists who have been asking for shorter, lightweight sticks won’t be disappointed. Plus, changing and replacing strings is easy with a new system that reduces wear and allows the string to rotate freely.


New from Mr. Babache, these supple, transparent polymer sticks will add flex and power to your diabolo tricks. The pink, yellow and green handles are UV active and have a transparent shaft. The black handle also has a transparent shaft.

Submitted by:

Leah Louis

We specialize in the finest Diabolos and Handsticks. No portion of this article may be duplicated without permission from http://www.diabolosusa.com. Copyright 2007


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