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Magic Levitation - The Ultimate in Magic

There are all kinds of magic tricks these days that are quitefascinating and amazing. You have your classic everyday cardtricks, you have coin tricks, and magic tricks involvingeveryday objects. But there is one magic trick that blows allother magic tricks away, and that is the capability of beingable to levitate some object into mid air.

Of all the magic tricks that I perform for people, when I canall of a sudden borrow a dollar bill from them and magicallyhave it float under my command without any evidence of magnetsor strings, and hand the dollar bill back to them, they arealways blown away in astonishment. Magic levitation defiesgravity and it messes with peopleís minds because what they areseeing is something you would only see on television or inmovies. But there they are, staring at this dollar bill, rightin from of their eyes, magically floating up and down.

The best thing about performing magic levitation is doing itimpromptu. This adds more to the effect as the spectator willbelieve more into your magical powers as the questions that theywill have cannot be answered. And this is the beauty of beingable just to walk up to anyone at anytime and levitatesomething. They will realize that there was no setup. It justhappened, pure magic.

To top off all of magic levitation is the art of being able tolevitate yourself into the air. This is ladies and gentlemen,the show stopper. To actually show somebody that you willlevitate off the ground and float is one of the best reactionsyou will get from performing magic.

There are various guarded methods today that magicians use topull off this effect. Some of them are better than others andhave their advantages over one another also. The most commonlyused levitation effect is the Balducci Levitation. Itís commonbecause it is easy to perform and does provide a great illusionof floating. Another levitation effect used and has becomepopular is The King Rising. This routine is slightly differentthan the Balducci effect and can achieve more height off theground in my opinion. But the latest levitation effect that hascome out that really blows all levitations away is the IcarusLevitation. This levitation is truly mind boggling to see inperson. It really is hands down the most visual levitation todate. If you really want to make some one faint, this effectwill pretty much do it.

So if you really want to take your magic to another level, and Imean literally another level, you should invest your time andpractice into magic levitation. In todayís world, it is gettingharder and harder to shock people as people have seen everythingdone from watching TV or Movies. Our minds have been programmedto accept what we see for the most part, but the one thing thatstill will turn heads and make people think twice, is being ableto levitate.

Submitted by:

Dion Semeniuk

Dion Semeniuk is the owner of the popular online magic store, This is Magic! To learn more about levitation and receive free magic tricks, please visit http://www.thisismagic.com.


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