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Snow Globes: Creating A Christmas Wonderland - Articles Surfing

Have you given any thought to exactly how you are going to express your festive side this holiday season? November is the official start for many of us for decking the halls with holiday cheer. Why not do something unique and different this year.

Create a Christmas Wonderland with holiday snow globes. That's right, snow globes. I will show you how to create a focal point in your home that just may become a tradition with your family and friends alike.

With Thanksgiving and Christmas just weeks away, decorating our homes and offices with festive displays of holiday glee takes center stage for many of us.

It's that time of the year when the sale of poinsettias, garland, snowmen, Santa's and reindeers are selling at record speed and the smell of Christmas cookies and decorated pastry fills the air and pleases our nostrils.

In our quest for a memorable holiday season we get in touch with family and friends to swap recipes and trade cooking secrets passed down to us from one generation to the next.

Well this year, WOW them with a beautiful focal point using snowglobes or water globes as your jumping off point. The difference between a snowglobe and a water globe is that typically water globes don't have the 'snow' in them. But, beware that many online stores will list a snowglobe as a water globe and vice versa.

For our purposes, it really doesn't matter. We are creating a focal point that's beautiful to look at not play with.

Before shopping for that perfect globe, you must first decide where in your space you want to create a focal point.

Deciding on a Focal Point area

This is not as difficult of a task as you may think. Just stand in the doorway of the room you want to place your display, consider the placement of furniture and non-movable items in the room and choose a location you want to draw attention to.

Keep in mind that there are all kinds of ways to display your snowglobes.

a) Create a scene on top of your fireplace mantle
b) Clear off a coffee table or accent table and use it
c) Add a decorative wall shelf to a wall and create your display upon it

You get the idea. Because it's going to be a focal point, your eye should be naturally drawn to the area you choose to place your display. Don't choose an area that is hidden. For example, a spot behind the door or in an out of sight location would not be the ideal place for your display. Sounds funny, but it's been know to happen.

O.K., now that you have chosen the location of your focal point, it's time to shop for that perfect snowglobe to take center stage and be the 'star' of the show. To keep your cost down, we'll start out by purchasing just one globe and accessorize with other figurines or complementary items found around your home.

Consider the table, shelf, curio cabinet or storage unit

Now that you've chosen the location, it's time to take into consideration the physical object you will be placing your water globe display on. Ask yourself a few key questions such as:

1) Do I need to place a decorative tablecloth over the table in order to create a more festive backdrop?

please note:

a) Oftentimes the right tablecloth or covering can make the difference between having a nice display and having that WOW factor.
b) I always recommend some form of festive covering on your display table or shelf.
c) Think outside the box when it comes to types of coverings:


1. use a yard of decorative fabric and cut to size
2. use a festive tablecloth (cut to size)
3. use an old holiday blouse, sweater or scarf (cut to size)
4. use a silk red, gold, or green sheet (cut to size) etc.

The possibilities are endless. Just don't limit yourself to traditional table covering.

2) Based on the size of my table, shelf, curio, etc., approximately how many accessories will it take to fill the space?

please note:

a) This is good to know prior to shopping because if your budget permits, you may want to display a collection of water globes.

3) Do I have enough space for tall items or wide items only? Can I use a combination of the two?

Try to ask and answer as many question as possible about your display space as you can think of. The purpose of this is to eliminate the guest work prior to making your first purchase. The more you pre-think about what you can and can not do, the easier it will be for you to make the right snow globe or water globe selection.

Choosing the right snowglobe or water globe

There are a flood of online stores where you can purchase snowglobes. My only concern here is that you purchase a high quality snowglobe to be the star of your display. Prices can range from as little as $24.95 to $99 and up. For a wonderful selection of snow globes visit http://www.acedecorating.com/page/926014

Avoid buying a mini globe as your star feature. The size is to small to draw the eye in. You can use mini globes as accent pieces.

Before making your selection, ask yourself the following questions:

1) What is it about this water globe that gives it star quality?
2) Are there enough intricate details that others would be drawn to it?
3) How will this fit into the space I have set aside as my focal point area? Consider the height, and width of the item.
4) How difficult will it be to find accent pieces to help highlight this globe?

All right, you're made your purchase of the perfect snow globe and there's no changing your mind. Good! Now let's create that focal point.

Creating A Focal Point

You've already done the hard part. Now here is where the fun begins.

1. Cover your table or shelf with your festive cloth.

Please Note:

If you are utilizing your fireplace mantle, PLEASE USE EXTREME CAUTION as all covering are highly flammable and can cause fire!

2. Place your snowglobe in the desired position. Play around with different spots. Turn it a little to the left, no the right, no in the center. You get the point. Find the right spot that will best display your globe.
3. Now accessorize with other items around the house that highlights and complements your new snow globe purchase.

Below are some suggestions:

a) Search around your home for existing treasures to add to your display.
b) Cover a lamp shade with translucent holiday paper wrap (to prevent a fire hazard, cover the outside only), add it to your table and light up your scene.
c) Go to an inexpensive novelty store and purchase little nick-knacks to dress up your display
d) Use a Christmas tree skirt that has Santa and his little helpers or any holiday scene will do. Drape it on the shelf so that it hangs over the front. Be sure the holiday scene can be seen from across the room.
e) Add rope lighting to your display. This is a wonderful way to drawn the eye in.
f) Use cotton balls to simulate softness, clouds, or snow.
g) If you run short of creative ideas, flip through home decorating magazines the next time you're waiting in the grocery line and watch your imagination flow.

Don't be intimidated by this process. As you add items to your display, the creative juices will begin to flow and before long you will have out-done yourself.

Good luck creating a dynamic Christmas Wonderland and remember'..Have fun.

Submitted by:

Shirley Kelly

Shirley Kelly is the author of various home and garden decorating tips and ideas. She enjoys home and garden decorating and is always looking to trade tips and ideas with others. If you would like to trade ideas with her, login to her forum. Shirley sells beautifully crafted snow globes and water globes at http://www.acedecorating.com.



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