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The Grand Illusion - Large-Scale Magic Tricks That Won't Fail to Impress!

Have you ever watched a TV magic special and wondered,"How is that possible?" have you ever been curious as tohow the top magicians accomplish some of their mostextraordinary feats?

Soon you won't be wondering; you'll be trying them out foryourself!

Let's start with one of the oldest tricks in the book, butone of the best and most vividly compelling - levitation!


Since you're interested in magic and illusion I'm going tobet you've heard of levitation before. Perhaps you've evenseen a magician perform this incredible trick and wondered,"How the heck is he doing that?!" Well, hold onto your hat,because you're about to learn how.

First off, what is levitation? We all know what it lookslike - the act of floating off or above the ground. It'ssort of like flying. All the great magicians try to perfectthis trick because it's one of the most simply visuallyarresting illusions in existence. And it's actually notthat hard to do�.

We practical magicians know that there is some trickeryinvolved in levitation as a performance. However, there arethose who believe in the real phenomenon of levitation as aform of psychokinesis, or the ability to move objects justwith the power of the mind. The only people said to be ableto perform levitation in reality are the spiritual elite,or those possessed by spiritual forces, like shamans,people in trances, or those possessed by a devil.

Now I don't know anyone who's actually seen a REALlevitation outside a magic performance, so take this forwhat you will�.

I mean, you can sit on the floor and meditate and wait to"lift off," but unless you're really in possession of somespecial supernatural forces I don't think you're going tohave too much luck!

What I am here to show you is how to perform the trick oflevitation, to give your audience the impression that youare floating, or else causing some other object to float.

Levitation as a magic illusion has recently been practicedin the public sphere by such magic superstars as DavidBlaine and David Copperfield. Copperfield even performed aspectacular stunt in which he appeared to float over theGrand Canyon!!

All smoke and mirrors? TV special effects? Not exactly...

This article is extracted from the book 'Discover The Magic Trick Secrets You're Not Supposed To Know'. Full details can be found at http://www.discovermagictricks.com

Submitted by:

Chris Lloyd

Chris Lloyd is the author of 'Discover The Magic Trick Secrets You're Not Supposed To Know'. His website can be found at http://www.discovermagictricks.com.


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