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7 Proven Steps To Stop Your Pool From Going Green Ever Again

Step 1: Put in an algaecide

Buy 2 bottles...put in a whole bottle first and then maintain every month with the recommended dose on the label. I like to think of algaecide as Insurance. It gives you more time to play with if your chlorine ever drops low enough for the pool to turn green. The algaecide kicks in until you put in more chlorine. But don't rely on it! Algae can still sneak up on you. Try to find a copper based algaecide as these ones tend to be the best.

Step 2: Shock the pool regularly

Shocking the pool can kill any algae that is ready to multiply. Plus its just good practice as it will bump up the free chlorine to kill any bacteria that maybe present in your water. Try to shock once every 3 weeks.

Step 3: Make sure the filters clean

this goes without saying. If your filter is clean and filtering your water properly this will solve a lot of your problems.

Step 4: Proper circulation

If your water is still it will become stagnant. It wont matter how much chemicals you throw at your pool. If it has poor circulation you will always run into problems. If you can point your water return jets to make the water swirl around like a whirlpool this will make the water less of a problem. Plus any debris will be pushed to the center of the pool so it will be much easier to pick-up.

Step 5: Maintain proper water balance

Always keep your water chemistry as close to perfect as possible. I shouldn't have to tell you this because it is the most important thing you should do.

Step 6: Test water every day

Yes...everyday! If you test your water chemistry every day nothing will sneak up on you. It will be easy to maintain because you will have tested the day before and you wont have to do much to keep it perfect. Only test with test kits that use drops or tablets. The strip tests are not accurate and can give you a false reading. It will be good practice to go into your pool shop weekly/fortnightly to get your water professionally tested just to make sure your doing ok.

Step 7: Keep the pool clean

Regularly take out leaves and any other foreign matter in the pool. Things like leaves and sticks from trees and put a significant strain on your chemical balance and give your chlorine a hard time. The less things in the pool the better. Regularly skim the water with a net and scoop the leaves from the bottom of the pool. Or better still...get an automatic pool cleaner.

Submitted by:

Michael Silvester

Michael Silvester is a Pool Water Expert, he personally oversees the water quality of over 670 domestic pools. It is normal for him to have a line-up of people eagerly waiting for his advice at his store In Sunny Queensland Australia. Michael Would like to invite you to download his free report at http://www.GreenPoolTips.com that explains how to never have a green pool again (a $37 Value)


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